With the Benz recreational games, fun in the garden at home or on the go is always guaranteed. Discover a wide range of games for your children, students or yourself to enjoy in their free time. We have also thought of indoor leisure games.

From table football, dartboards, throwing discs to outdoor chess and much more.

Buy the best leisure games here and the fun can start right away!

Chess Pieces XL Average, Black And White, King Height 40 Cm
(tax incl.)
Chessmen XL medium, black and white, King height 40 cm, 11 kg (height / base diameter for all the figures, 11.5 cm), Bauer (22 cm), Springer (27 cm), tower (24 cm), runners (32 cm ), queen (36 cm), King (40 cm), polystyrene, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, weather-resistant, UV-resistant
Chess Pieces XL Small, Black And White, King Height 30 Cm
(tax incl.)
Chessmen XL small, black and white, King height 30 cm, 5.6 kg (height / base diameter for all the figures, 11.5 cm), Bauer (20 cm), Springer (23 cm), tower (20 cm), runners ( 26 cm), queen (29 cm), King (31 cm), polystyrene, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, weather-resistant, UV-resistant
BENZ Bouncy Ball
(tax incl.)
Train your body and sense of balance playfully with the BENZ bouncy ball. The popular BENZ bouncy ball is a hit not only at play parties or birthday parties, but also in school sports or in therapy. The bouncy ball is made of high-quality foam. The plastic balancing disc can be loaded up to max. 90 kg.
Foosball Table G-500 EVOLUTION SA Sports Safety
(tax incl.)
Tischkicker G-500 EVOLUTION SA sports Safety (telescope game rods), black / silver, (L x B x H) 143 x 110 x 88 cm, 75 kg body made of MDF (mm 25 wall thickness) of laminate, player directly on poles cast (no predetermined breaking point), ergonomic black plastic handles, certifications: EN 71, CE conformity, REACH, EU Directive 2009/48 / EC. Delivery unfree ex works.
Foosball Table G-500 EVOLUTION PR SA Sports Professional
(tax incl.)
Tischkicker G-500 EVOLUTION PR SA sports Professional (continuous game rods), black / silver, (L x B x H) 143 x 125 x 88 cm, kg 75, body made from MDF (mm 25 wall thickness) of laminate, player directly to rods cast (no predetermined breaking point), sandblasted play area, ergonomic black plastic handles, certifications: EN 71, CE conformity, REACH, EU Directive 2009/48 / EC
Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic
(tax incl.)
Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic with 2 cardio Goal-goal, two feet, two yellow posts, 3 colored spiral balls (yellow, red, blue), incl. Transport bag, stopwatch, three color cards (red, blue, yellow) and an exercise instructions
Speedminton School Set Includes:
(tax incl.)
Speedminton Schulset "Big Sports & Fun" consisting of: 10 speedminton school racquets (5 red / 5 blue), 30 speeder (each 10 MATCH, 10 FUN, 10 HELI speeder), 40 Cones, 1 sports bag, ICO Cross Minton Guide
Crossboccia Double Pack HEROES 2 X 3 Pcs For 2 Players "Mexican & Dude"
(tax incl.)
Crossboccia Double Pack HEROES 2 x 3 pcs for 2 players "Mexican & Dude" cloth bag Ø 8 cm with granules filled 90 grams per ball, 2 x 3 identical, 1 x target ball, in a reclosable mesh bag with drawstring, incl. Official set of rules that less filled Funpacks stay in three-dimensional space are lighter and therefore easier to play for beginners
BENZ Snow Slide
Piece from 3,90 €
(tax incl.)
BENZ snow slide; blue dimensions: 56.5 * 38 cm, weight 220 g. Slipping fun for young and old. The snow slide ensures lots of fun and exercise in the snow. Thanks to the wide seat, the children have enough space to sit even in their thickest snowsuit. The large handle, which children can easily grip with both hands, ensures a secure hold.
Light Up Saturn Hopper
(tax incl.)
Light Up Saturn Hopper - stay fit and in shape with lots of fun! The Saturn Hopper is simply great fun! It consists of a rubber ball with a ring in the middle that is used like a platform to stand on. The ball is held between the feet with the ankles and the bouncing fun can begin! Bouncing trains the balance and the leg muscles. As a special effect, a light is activated when bouncing in the ball, which rounds off the fun at dusk and at night. Diameter approx. 38 cm, loadable up to 50 kg.
Ring Toss Game
(tax incl.)
Ring toss game, multicolored, 660 g, wood for mating. 1 x union cross (L x B x H) 38 x 38 x 21 x 5 vertical rods of target FSC cm, certified pine wood, 5 x quoits of dragline
Chess Pieces XL Maxi, Black And White, King Height 63 Cm
(tax incl.)
Chessmen XL maxi, black and white, King height 63 cm, (diameter of the base throughout the figures 24 cm), Bauer (41 cm), Springer (46 cm), tower (41 cm), runners (53 cm), Queen (59 cm) , King (63 cm), polystyrene, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, weather-resistant, UV-resistant
Spring Ball Boingball Speedglider
(tax incl.)
Boing Ball / Speed Ball, the sporty fun that trains dexterity, reaction and fitness. Consisting of a red plastic ball (19cm x 12 cm) that is threaded onto 2 tear-proof plastic ropes (length 225 cm) with handles. By quickly pulling the taut ropes apart, the plastic ball can be moved from player to player at an enormous speed. The ball can also be braked by pulling the strings apart. A game that requires full attention. Supplied in a practical net bag. Suitable for children from 3 years. Under 3 years of age, there is a risk of strangulation due to the long cords!
Mud Ball Mudball Set Of 3
(tax incl.)
Mud Ball Mudball set of 3, transparent / brown, depending on diameter 8 cm, 800 g / Set, 1 x Ball with large beads inside, 1 x Ball with small beads inside, 1 x Ball with sand inside, one small snake inside, 1 x surface smooth, 1 x surface with small knobs, 1 x interface with large studs, suitable for different catching games
Woodstick Street Racket Set
(tax incl.)
Woodstick Street racquet set, black / yellow, (L x B x H) 37.8 x 23.5 x 6 cm, 490 g, 2 x black-lacquered wooden stick with logo print and trivalent nature wooden handles, 2 Soft balls (PU, Ø 70 mm) , 3 x Straßenmalkreide to mark the playing surface, packed in a carrying case with logo print and drawstring
Yuck-E-Balls, Set Of 6
(tax incl.)
Yuck-E-Balls, Spordas 6 sets, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, each Ø 9 cm, each about 300 g, each ball is filled with small PVC balls and non-toxic gel. Also ideal for sports rehabilitation and therapy
Blindfolds Set Of 6
(tax incl.)
Blindfold set of 6, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, (L x B x H) 16 x 9 x 5 cm, g per 60, nylon 65% polyurethane 25% Polyester 10% solid material and embedded corners , light-tight at the edges 100%, suitable for children, not adjustable

Indoor- & Outdoor games for kids: Indoor- & Outdoor games get kids moving! 

Children discover the world through movement. Get them moving through play, and in the fresh air! Benz Sport carries outdoor games for kids of all ages and interests. 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

Outdoor games for kids entice big and small outdoors all year round. We distinguish two types of outdoor toys: balls, ropes and similar toys are openly designed. Your child has to come up with the rules of the game on their own. This stimulates the imagination and ensures that the natural environment is included in the game. Other toys such as the Viking game, mini golf course or speedminton give the rules of the game. 

What types of outdoor games for kids are available at Benz Sport? 

Without coming off as a show-off: Benz Sport carries all possible and impossible types of outdoor games. There's something for every age group, every season. There are games that kids play alone, that they play in pairs, and that require larger groups. 

Who are the outdoor games for children interesting for? 

In principle, Benz Sport carries outdoor games that are aimed at everyone. We can equip your play shed in the kindergarten, fill the outdoor box for schools and provide everything that will make your tent camp a real experience. But of course, you can also just buy some juggling stuff and balls for the next kids' birthday party at Benz Sport. 


  • Why should kids play outside?
  • Outdoor games for kids at any time of the year
  • Benz Sport offers quality "Made in Germany
  • Use the advantages of the online store
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

Why should children play outside? 

Crawling insects, interesting plants and colorful stones: There is always something to discover outside. It's no wonder that children forget the time and don't want to come indoors. Exercising in the fresh air does a lot of good for body and mind. Intensive exercise provides the brain and body with a good supply of oxygen. And when there are lots of new things to discover, children learn a lot about themselves and their environment. 

At least that is the ideal. Today, many children in the city hardly have any nature at their disposal. Table tennis tables, soccer fields and the soccer field without fixed equipment have to replace nature here. It's good if your child now has exciting toys at his or her disposal, such as giant Mikado, Rondolo or a skateboard. We equip schools, clubs, youth centers and municipal facilities with air field hockey stations, table soccer or a whole "School in Action" package. 

Outdoor games for children in any season 

Especially in the transitional seasons it is often wet, sometimes even really cold. Is this the right time for outdoor games? Kids on the move don't freeze and are especially unstoppable. Playing street field hockey, basketball and speedminton will always keep them warm. Rainproof jackets keep the coarsest wetness away. You don't have to worry about the outdoor games for kids anyway, they can tolerate some water. The only exception are our outdoor games made of wood. The natural wood of the real Viking chess, for example, better not get wet. But there is always something to do even in damp and cold weather. 

Benz Sport offers quality "Made in Germany 

Why should you buy outdoor games for children at Benz Sport of all places? Because we are specialists in sports equipment and gymnastics equipment, we know how to get kids moving. Outdoor games have to withstand a lot and be robust. The design must still be appealing. And that's exactly what we can do. Benz Sport has been a family-run company in Winnenden, southern Germany, since 1907. This is also where our production facilities are located. In the locksmith's shop, the carpenter's shop and the saddlery, everything is manufactured in-house. That is German workmanship! So you can rely on quality, safety and design when you buy from Benz Sport. By the way, we also produce in a sustainable and energy-saving way. 

Take advantage of the online store 

We think that you should buy toys only if you have tried them. Nevertheless, we offer outdoor games in the online store. How does this fit together? It's simple: We believe that our great products should be available to children and young people all over Germany. But of course we can't ask the principal of the elementary school in a suburb of Potsdam to come to us in Winnenden. That's why our offers come to you via online store. And your outdoor games for children, of course! Our own fleet is 20 trucks strong. And in each truck there are fitters who assemble everything from table soccer to soccer goals and trampoline parks at your site. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

What are the best outdoor games? 

The best outdoor games are the games that captivate your child. Good outdoor toys will not get boring, will be used again and again and will accompany you for many years. To do this, it must be of high quality and made of sturdy materials. 

What can you do outside in the garden? 

Your child can do everything in the garden, even homework. Joking aside - for the garden, we usually recommend games that will help your child discover their natural environment and get them moving. 

What to play outside with toddler? 

Let your child decide. Just sit him in the tall grass or sandbox and see what happens. Maybe set out a ball, some ropes, or a child's vehicle. Your child will choose his activity based on his own interests. 

What do children learn when they play in the garden? 

Children learn about their surroundings through play. They observe in nature, develop connections. Your child will exercise their muscles, become more stretchy and stronger, develop good balance (and calluses on their hands) while climbing in the trees. Running, jumping, climbing and building a small dam at the stream - your child will learn a lot about physics, about biology and even mathematics.