WABOBA Extreme Ball
WABOBA Extreme Ball

WABOBA Extreme Ball

Get ready for extreme water fun. The WABOBA Extreme ball is specially designed for throwing games in the water.

Product features:
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Super grippy
  • Ball for advanced players
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The WABOBA Extreme ball bounces very well on the water surface due to its texture and impresses with its extremely good grip. This makes it easy to catch and throw in the water. The WABOBA Extreme is versatile - whether on the beach, in the open-air swimming pool, at the lake or in the garden.
In the meantime, a new and professional sport has emerged from the super-fun leisure ball. The sport WABOBA is played from a mixture of baseball, water polo and handball. Since 2011, the International WABOBA Federation has been working to increase the popularity of this sport and to organise international games and tournaments.
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