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Whether at home, at school, at the club or with friends - sport is an important part of our everyday lives. Our matching sports balls of all kinds make every activity a true experience. With us, you can get the right ball for every type of sport without a long search for a fair price with fast delivery.

At BENZ Sport, you can get well-known brands such as Mikasa, Molten, Erima or our own original BENZ balls in a wide range of variations.

Benz hybrid Match 450 Soccerball

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The BENZ Hybrid Match 450 is a match ball made of 32 polyurethane panels. Robust football for all weather conditions and for every surface. Specifications: 32 panel interface quality ball size 5 Weight about 410-450g Division A, B, C juniors, men and women hybrid structure Area of application: Club School Competition

BENZ Basketball US-Design

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Experience the American basketball feeling with the BENZ Basketball in US design, a training ball that not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its outstanding playing properties. With a feather-light weight of just 0.15kg and available in sizes 3, 5, 6 and 7, this ball offers every player, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts, the perfect foundation for intensive training. The non-slip surface made of rubber latex skin, coupled with a special anti-grip coating, ensures a pleasant playing feeling, while the robust nylon carcass guarantees long durability. The BENZ Basketball in US design - training ball. Outstanding, non-slip surface made of rubber latex skin with a special anti-grip coating for a pleasant game Details: Rubber latex skin on nylon carcass. Available sizes 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 Ball circumference: ± 56 / 69 / 73 / 75 cm Weight ± 300 / 480 / 520 / 600 g Beginner & training ball Areas of application: Suitable for schools and clubs

BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

Piece from 18,90 €
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Due to its weight and composition, the BENZ "Football" softball is particularly suitable for beginners and for training with children aged 6 to 10, or for a friendly game in between. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can't lose sight of it because of the bright color. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 290 - 320 g Diameter: 21 cm Colour: Choice of orange or yellow Easily washable and hygienic surface High abrasion resistance Areas of application: Schools Associations Indoors and outdoors

BENZ coated foam ball MINI-FOOTBALL

Piece from 9,90 €
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Thanks to its smaller size, the Softball Mini-Football is ideal for smaller children's hands and beginners, but can also be taken away and used for a friendly game in between. Whether outdoors or indoors - the eye-catching yellow color helps you keep an eye on the ball at all times. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 130g Diameter: 13 cm Color: Yellow Easily washable and hygienic surface High abrasion resistance Areas of application: Schools Associations Free time

BENZ Volleyball Smash 2000 DVV1

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BENZ SMASH 2000 DVV1 Indoor volleyball DVV1 certified. Specifications: Size 5 Circumference 65-67 cm Weight 260-280g 8 panel construction Special artificial leather with the best grip Maximum air pressure 0.30 - 0.325 bar Area of application: Club School Competition

BENZ Nylon Badminton Shuttle Classic white 6-pack box

from 8,90 €
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The BENZ Nylon Badminton Ball Classic is a badminton ball made of high-quality nylon designed for school sports and club use. Depending on the requirements, there is a suitable speed for each player, which differs in the form of the individual designs of the ball and types. The BENZ badminton balls / BENZ feather balls with nylon carcass are available in 3 different versions from Langam(green) to Medium(blue) to Fast(red). Depending on the light situation and ambient brightness, badminton balls with white or yellow (neon yellow) basket can be selected. The special wiched structure gives the ball additional stability and has a positive effect on the flight characteristics. Packaging unit in a practical 6-ball tin (6 x badminton balls). Details: Available speeds: Slow/Medium/Fast Available basket colours: White / Neon Yellow Material foot: Cork Material basket: Polyurethane Packing unit: 6-pack box Application areas: Schools Clubs Indoor and outdoor

BENZ Merkur Super Hybrid

Piece from 18,90 €
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The BENZ Merkur Lite 350 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Size 5 Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched ball Made from 100% polyurethane Weight: 350 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in two colours

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid

Piece from 29,90 €
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BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid The Original - Futsal Kid Hybrid with patented hybrid technology Developed for permanent use and all surfaces Details: Fairtrade certified Size 3 Dampened jumping behavior Abrasion-resistant & dimensionally stable Glued and sewn, Weight ±300g Ball circumference: ± 56 cm Ideal for children and teenagers Division: up to 12 years D-Juniors Areas of application: Suitable for training, schools and clubs For all substrates

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training Hybrid

Piece from 29,90 €
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BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training Hybrid The Original - Futsal Training Hybrid with patented hybrid technology Developed for permanent use and all surfaces Details: Fairtrade certified size 4 Dampened jumping behavior Abrasion-resistant & dimensionally stable Glued and sewn, Weight ±400g Ball circumference: ± 62 cm Division: from 13 years A, B, C, juniors and women / men Areas of application: Suitable for training, schools and clubs For all substrates

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition Hybrid

Piece from 33,90 €
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BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition Hybrid The Original - Futsal Competition Hybrid with patented hybrid technology Developed for permanent use and all surfaces Details: Fairtrade certified Match ball of official size and weight size 4 Dampened jumping behavior Abrasion-resistant & dimensionally stable Glued and sewn, Weight ± 440g Ball circumference: ± 62 cm Division: from 13 years, A, B, C juniors and seniors Areas of application: Suitable for competitions/tournaments, schools and clubs For all substrates

BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition

Piece from 29,90 €
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BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition The original - Competition with patented hybrid technology Developed for permanent use and all surfaces An outstanding ball manufactured under fair conditions. Details: Fairtrade certified size 5 Glued and sewn, Weight ± 410g Ball circumference ± 68 cm Age group from U 14 A- / B- / C- juniors, men and women match ball according to FIFA/ IMS standard Areas of application: Suitable for training, schools and clubs. Playable on all surfaces.

Benz neoprene Football

(tax incl.)
The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.

BENZ table tennis ball set 144 balls

Piece from 49,90 €
(tax incl.)
BENZ Team Table Tennis Ball Set with 144 Balls The BENZ Team Table Tennis Ball Set with 144 balls is ideal for school and club sports. The 144 table tennis balls are stored in a convenient, cardboard box, making them easy to transport and store. Specifications: Available in white or orange Ball diameter: 40 mm 144 training balls in a resealable box Celluloid-free

BENZ table tennis balls 3*

(tax incl.)
The ITTF certified BENZ table tennis balls 3* are celluloid free competition balls. The competition box is perfect for school and club sports.. Details: ITTF certified Ball Ø 40 mm 50 competition balls in a practical ball box Celluloid free

BENZ Team Table Tennis Balls Set of 50

Piece from 16,90 €
(tax incl.)
The BENZ Team table tennis ball set with 50 balls is ideally suited for school and club sports. The 50 table tennis balls are stored in a practical ball box for easy storage. Details: Available in two colours Ball Ø 40 mm 50 balls in the practical ball box Celluloid free

Handball Benz Magic 3

Piece from 21,50 €
(tax incl.)
The BENZ Handball Magic III made of the highest quality PU composite synthetic leather. The optimized GRIP surface structure gives the ball much more texture and excellent grip in any game situation. These are the prerequisites for perfect ball control and game results. Details: Available sizes 0 / 1 / 2 /3 Ball circumference: 47 / 52 / 56 / 60 cm Weight 210 / 325 / 330 / 350 g Material 100% composite synthetic leather According to IHF standard Application: Competitions Schools Clubs Indoor and outdoor

BENZ coated foam ball BASKETBALL

Piece from 14,90 €
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The BENZ coated foam ball BASKETBALL is particularly impressive as a learning ball in tight spaces and when dealing with the ball. Due to its low bounce, low weight and soft foam, it is the perfect ball for first contact with the ball. It is ideally suited for kindergarten children as well elementary school children. The durable elephant skin offers a great grip. : The different neon colors ensure a colorful mix. The balls are washable and disinfectable. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 300 g Diameter: 20 cm Color: orange Easily washable and hygienic surface Soft surface Areas of application: Nursery school Free time

Basketball DBB Rebound

Piece from 19,90 €
(tax incl.)
The original - the ideal ball for indoor and outdoor use with top playing properties. Discover the BENZ Basketball DBB Rebound – the flagship for precision and durability on the basketball court. This competition ball, certified by the DBB (German Basketball Association), combines traditional design with the latest technology. The non-slip, optimized rubber surface in deep channel design gives the ball optimal handling. Its non-slip surface in deep channel design ensures improved ball control. Available in sizes 5, 6 and 7, with a circumference of 69, 73 or 75 cm and a weight of 480, 520 or 600 g, it is suitable for competitions, schools and clubs. The nylon carcass and the extra-grip surface meet the DBB and FIBA regulations for size and weight Specifications: DBB certified Surface: Sealed with innovative structure Available sizes 5 / 6 / 7 Weight ± 480 / 520 / 600 g Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure

Basketball Benz Fast Break DBB Composite

Piece from 24,50 €
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Basketball Benz Fastbreak DBB Composite Competition Ball The original - the ideal indoor and outdoor game ball with top playing properties The non-slip surface made of composite synthetic leather gives the ball optimal handling Details: DBB certified Available sizes 5/6/7 Ball circumference: ± 69/73/75 cm Weight ± 480/520/600 g 100% composite synthetic leather Suitable areas: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs

Trial Beach Handball IHF approved

Piece from 15,01 €
(tax incl.)
The Trial beach handball is made of special plastic and is especially suitable for playing in the sand. Water can not harm him and he always offers an excellent grip. The ball hardness can be individually regulated via a valve. The Trial beach handball is available in three sizes and is IHF certified. Version Ø Weight men 17.5 cm 360 g woman 16.5 cm 290 g Youth 15.5 cm 250 g

Double stroke Ballpumpe

(tax incl.)
For rapid inflation and extracting the air. With 4 different adapters. Displacement 2 cc x 2100, 1 bar pressure. In deco-box. Only for balls with large valve, not for balls with needle valve.

Electric Ballpumpe MK 50

(tax incl.)
Suction 100 l / min. Max. Pressure 8 bar, number of revolutions / min 2800 rpm, 220 V / 50 Hz. Built manometer for pressure control. With air hose, ball and Reducing.

This is a round thing! Buy ball at Benz Sport

In a nutshell: What you can expect in this article 

Which sports does Benz Sport serve? 

From A for American Football to H for Hockey to W for Water Polo, Benz Sport serves the entire ball sports alphabet. Of course, footballs, handballs, table tennis balls and gymnastic balls make up the bulk of the assortment. There is a simple reason for this: the selection is largest for the ball sports that our customers most often ask for. Nevertheless, you will also find balls for more exotic sports. 

Who is the offer aimed at? 

Benz Sport keeps it sporty with the three musketeers: One for all, all for one. We equip schools, kindergartens, clubs and municipalities. But of course we are also happy if you order from us as a private individual. And we have even supplied competitions and championships up to international tournaments with sports equipment according to competition standards. 

Buy ball with accessories possible?

You have a table tennis table in the schoolyard and now you want to get the students fit. A box of table tennis balls alone is of little use, you also need bats, nets and storage. You can get all this from us in a low-priced set. And what applies to table tennis, we promise you also for other ball sports.


  • Buy the right ball for every sport
  • Actually multifunctional: Balls as sports equipment
  • Buying a ball at Benz Sport: When it has to be quality
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

Buying the right ball for every sport 

On the playground, children use the one ball they have for everything. Throwing, practicing tripping, passing, soccer and basketball - the children's ball is simply good for everything. It even flies over the ping-pong table when neither a bat nor a ping-pong ball is available. A softball does the trick, too, turning the hand into a bat. In school sports and in clubs, however, the demands are higher: here it really has to be the right ball. And because Benz Sport also organizes competitions up to international championships, you can of course get the right ball for every sport from us, in compliance with the rules and in excellent quality. For clubs and schools, sports clubs and youth facilities, we are your contact. 

Actually multifunctional: Balls as sports equipment

Perhaps you still remember that you once did rhythmic gymnastics at school. That's where the ball comes in. Just like with a rope, ribbon or hoop, you can also do sports with a ball in rhythm to music. Usually some kind of softball is used. The reason: basketball and soccer are too heavy, volleyball and handball too hard. So there has to be something in the middle. Such balls, which are actually good for everything but have no place in any official set of rules, are part of the basic equipment wherever children and young people get together.  

Benz Sport equips public facilities such as schools and kindergartens, community meeting places and clubs with ball sets. Depending on the sport, we have put together sets with ten, twenty or more balls or balls and accessories. 

Buying a ball at Benz Sport: When it has to be quality 

Of course, children can find balls at any discount store that they can afford from their pocket money. But what good are such balls? In school sport, in the club or in the sport school the requirements are higher, there it must be already the equipment from high-quality materials and in perfect processing. That's what you'll find at Benz Sport. As a family-run company, we have stood for high quality since 1907 and equip schools and other facilities throughout Germany. Our fitters deliver your sports equipment by truck and assemble it on site. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Which soccer is best for children?

There are fixed rules about what size a soccer must have and how heavy it must be. However, most people only know the rules for adults. Children play with lighter balls that are slightly smaller and not quite as inflated. This is perfectly within the rules. Pay attention to the age group when buying!

Why do some balls have neoprene covers? 

In American football and volleyball, the balls reach high speeds. Body contact simply hurts with a leather ball. The neoprene cover cushions the impact a little. Nevertheless, the material does not have a negative effect on the rebound and flight characteristics of the ball. 

Ball pump does not fit - what to do? 

There are different valves for the individual balls. So that the ball pump still does its job, we have various adapters in the range. Watch out: You cannot screw the adapters onto every pump. Here we recommend buying as a set (pump including various needles, valve holders, nipples et cetera).

The importance of regular sport for children

As experts in sports equipment, we at BENZ Sport know exactly how important regular exercise is for children. With the help of the various training units of a ball sport, both mobility and coordination are practised and promoted. No matter whether hard or soft balls, whether a basket is thrown, points are scored or the perfect shot to win - sports with balls have been inspiring young people for many years and offer the perfect combination of sporting activity and commitment in a team. We want to further consolidate this enthusiasm for ball sports through our sports and leisure balls, in order to integrate sports into every day life.

Discover now: Motor activity balls - hedgehog balls, pimple balls and spiked balls.

At BENZ Sport, you can get versatile balls in all sizes and designs to find the right play ball for every sport. This applies to special children's play balls, high-quality footballs and proper club balls as well as medicine balls and light game balls, which you can purchase from our shop. We will be happy to advise you on the different balls to find the right ball for your sport. With our range of sports balls, we offer you, your family and children the perfect mix for sporting and balanced activities. With our numerous balls, we make our own contribution to turning sport from a luxury into a matter of course and to increasing fitness universally.

Browse appropriate training and game balls for every age and world sport. Goals, baskets and the like for youth sports or gyms are also available online at BENZ Sport.

Custom-fit training balls for every ball sport

Sports balls from BENZ Sport are versatile and bring movement and stamina into everyday life. You will find a large selection of sports, gymnastics and training balls with us. You will find everything from small table tennis balls to large medicine balls. Light leisure balls such as softballs and table tennis balls in different weight classes. From 20 gram soft foam table tennis balls to 1.5 kilogram core cowhide medicine balls, we have it all.

In our shop we do not only focus on ball sports like handball, football, basketball and volleyball. We also have balls for the following sports in stock: American football, fistball, water polo, rugby ball, hockey ball and many other exotic sports.

The following ball sport categories are part of our assortment:

If you have not yet found the right ball for your sport, please feel free to browse through our shop. If you have any questions or would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will find a wide range of sports balls under the categories. Around our wide range of products, you will receive individual advice and information about the material, size, weight and condition of each ball. You can be sure to find the perfect ball for your sport.

At BENZ you will also receive

  •     robust sports balls
  •     durable balls
  •     high-quality balls for team sports
  •     non-slip sports balls
  •     batting balls
  •     and much more

BENZ sports balls - Ideal for schools, clubs and sports fields

With our constantly updated and high quality assortment, we look especially at children and youth to make ball sports fun for everyone. All the balls available are ideal for sports teams and clubs to purchase high quality at fair prices. Our articles meet all tournament standards, which means that you are always covered, not only during training.

For aspiring professionals, for schools or care facilities as well as for playing on the street, we have the right sports balls that are versatile. The balls are particularly suitable for throwing, on the field or in the goal. Many balls are somewhat more robust than the original and therefore do not have to be constantly replaced. Especially footballs in all colours, sizes and structures are becoming increasingly popular for active leisure sports. You too can choose the right ball for your leisure time.
Discover now: BENZ Fairtrade - 100% fair-produced sports balls.

Gym balls and therapy balls for maximum balance

Balls for health: With the gymnastics and therapy balls at BENZ you can strengthen your abdomen and back as well as your arms and legs. Bring the gym home or combine your exercises with our leisure and sports mats. With the medicine balls you can continuously work on your own balance and mobility. The gym balls are not only suitable for pure ball sports, but are also considered a companion in other areas, such as physiotherapy, gymnastic dance or orienteering. The same applies, of course, to the special therapy balls. However, both balls of this type are also perfect for use at home.

For orders for school sports, club sports and individual sports, we are well equipped and can deliver a small or large number of balls on request. Therefore, if you want to buy new balls, you do not necessarily have to travel long distances and overcome possible transport difficulties.

Well equipped with our ball accessories

To ensure that you are optimally equipped for training, you can also get the necessary ball accessories for your sport. The classics include ball nets, but also possible bags for storing and transporting the sports balls. The same applies to robust ball trolleys, which are usually used for larger training groups on the sports field. With the right accessories, you will not have to carry each ball off the pitch individually in the future, but will benefit from modern and comfortable solutions.


In addition, we offer you suitable care products to complement the balls at BENZ. Our aim is to be able to offer you a complete range of ball accessories to make your sport an exciting change. For sports with balls in the water as well as on the sports field or in the hall, it is important to have the best quality.

The right ball accessories at BENZ: electric ball pumps, manual ball pumps, ball bagsball support nets and ball cradles

Find the best ball sets right here!

Would you like to find the right ball for your ball sport yourself? Then we can help you quickly and purposefully with our offer. We have just the right leisure, sports and club balls for you in our range, with which nothing has to stand in the way of a smooth flow of play. For this reason, do not wait any longer, but rely on real quality. At this point, we are happy to contribute to your hobby with our range.
Discover now: Ball packs at unbeatable value prices - perfect for schools and clubs
If you still have questions during your search for new balls, our team is of course always actively at your side. We will always do our best to support you and provide you with the best balls for your sport. Take a look at our shop and let us show you the right items for every ball sport.