PROGYM Kettlebell

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The PROGYM kettlebell combines particularly ergonomic handling with the classic attributes of a kettlebell. The design protects the back of the hand and the lower arm parts, especially when reaching around during the exercises and the resulting kick back. The PRO GYM kettlebell is available in four weight variants: 4 kg / red 6 kg / blue 8 kg / purple 12 kg / light blue

BENZ small vaulting box Multiplex Crossfitness

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The original - the BENZ small jump box Multicross Crossfitness. Tried and tested for many years for a variety of exercises and games and established as a training aid in a wide variety of sports - the small vaulting boxes from BENZ® Made in Germany! Vault box details: length 70 cm width 50 cm height 40 cm Made from birch plywood Regupol covering fully laminated Reinforced plywood cover plate Front handle holes PEFC certified

SZ-curl bar

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SZ-curl bar Ø 50 mm, handle Ø 30 mm, length 140 cm, weight 15 kg (incl. 2 adjusting rings, each 1.25 kg).

Strength training panels (set)

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8 plates for the fitness center in the A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm), 4-color. On each panel, the most important exercises for one or more muscle groups are represented and the correct practice routine described. An eye-catcher for your studio.

Magnesia block

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BENZ Magnesia in the practical block form The Original - The Magnesia or also called Chalk for use in a variety of sports. The natural product magnesia / chalk was pressed in block form to reduce dust generation. Particularly good mobility and a secure grip with excellent absorption of moisture by the hands. Details: Shape: block shape / brick shape Size of the individual blocks: 90 x 90 x 45 mm Weight of a single block: 65g color: white material: magnesium carbonate Areas of application: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs Use in apparatus gymnastics, weight training, climbing and athletics

BENZ pull-up bar

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The BENZ pull-up bar is the ideal accessory to expand the exercise variety on the wall bars. By quickly and easily hooking in you get a stable pull-up station. Details: Support bar made of tubular steel with beechwood rung. Foldable for space-saving storage Easy to hang at any height Hanging hooks fitted with protectors Available in two widths

Battle Rope

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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for special cardio and strength endurance training. The wave movements strengthen the torso muscles in a targeted way. Details: 15 m length Ø 3,8 cm

Weight plate stand

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Weight plate stand for plates with a hohle Ø 30 mm. With this construction, the centre of gravity is in the middle when loaded, which significantly reduces the risk of tipping. Six 25.4 mm mounting mandrels (3 on each side) keep your weight plates ready for quick and easy storage or retrieval. The robust, 4-sided welded steel frame construction made of square profiles 5 x 5cm ensures stable and safe storage for weight plates. Footprint (L x W x H) 69 x 40 x 69 cm, weight 8 kg, max. load 350 kg.

Pull rope for SlimBeam

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Matching replacement pull rope for the SlimBeam double rope pull devices. Details: 3:1 transmission Single hoist: 0.83 -12.50 kg Double hoist 1.65 - 25.5 kg