Dumbbells - Equipment

Weight chains

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These weight chains are a perfect accessory for progressive weight training. Details: Supplied as a pair Weight per pair: 16 kg = 2x 8 kg / 32 kg = 2x 16 kg 50 cm diameter Easy to attach to the barbell rod due to locking ring with rotary lever Chain length 150 cm Material: galvanised steel

Weight plate stand

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Weight plate stand for plates with a hohle Ø 30 mm. With this construction, the centre of gravity is in the middle when loaded, which significantly reduces the risk of tipping. Six 25.4 mm mounting mandrels (3 on each side) keep your weight plates ready for quick and easy storage or retrieval. The robust, 4-sided welded steel frame construction made of square profiles 5 x 5cm ensures stable and safe storage for weight plates. Footprint (L x W x H) 69 x 40 x 69 cm, weight 8 kg, max. load 350 kg.

Crossfitness Weight Sledge

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A weight sledge offers a variety of exercises to build muscles efficiently and increases endurance. Thanks to the extremely robust steel frame construction, training with heavy weights is possible. Vertical and horizontal hand posts offer several different holding positions on both sides for pushing and pulling. Together with the centre post, the three removable vertical posts also serve as holders for the training weight. With multiple attachment anchors, almost any waistcoat or belt can be attached, giving this sled unmatched versatility. Suitable for professional use in gyms. Specifications: Shelf space (W x L x H) 79 x 127 x 102 cm Weight 31 kg Maximum payload 160 kg Range of use: Gym Club sport Delivery carriage forward ex works.