Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastics equipment from BENZ Sport

Gymnastics equipment from BENZ for children, professional athletes, schools and clubs.

With over 100 years of experience and the pursuit of continuous development and improvement, we are unrivalled in our core discipline. At BENZ Sport, we not only develop gymnastics equipment for school, children's or club sports, but also for competitive sports. Discover our classics (gymnastics benches, balance beams, vaulting boxes/jumping boards, fitness and gymnastics mats, etc.) as well as our modern gymnastics equipment for indoor or outdoor use.

Create entire wall bars fitness systems for your sports halls and interesting combinations for children and young people with BENZ Sport. This will make school sports a whole new experience.
Or browse our Just for Kids gymnastics equipment category for suitable systems and equipment for children's gymnastics.

We offer you high-quality and durable equipment for gymnastics in a large selection and in proven BENZ quality.

Trapeze vaulting box 4 pieces

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The three foam cores are individually green with PVC canvas in yellow / / red / blue coated. Lateral Velcro strips allow securing the items together. The total height of all three components is complete 120 cm and tapers from 90 to 45 cm. The item height is 30 cm. Length 120 cm.

Rondat mat (long)

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Safety mat for protection from injuries when overstepping the spring board for round-off vaults. The mat surrounds the spring board completely on 3 sides.

BENZ rolling mats transport cart 3-fold

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The BENZ mat trolley consists of a sturdy, welded steel construction with 2 continuous steel sheet mat supports to avoid imprints on the mat surface. 4 double swivel casters (Ø 75 mm) allow easy transport. The mat trolley is designed to ensure stability even when a mat is placed on it. Product specifications: Sturdy tubular steel construction Particularly flat design For up to 3 floor gymnastics matsTransport horizontal Suitable for 1.5 m to 2 m mat width Full sheet steel mat support4 double swivel castors (Ø 75mm) Wide, floor-protecting double castors

Springboard Junior

(tax incl.)
Original Reuther. Developed for primary and clubs, suitable for young kg up to a weight of 40th covered with special foam padding and carpet.

reversible mat

Piece from 304,90 €
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100 x 200 x 8 cm. With firm and soft side. Blue side - solid, made of light foam for safe standing Red side -. Soft, made of composite foam to practice for beginners.

Springboard Budapest

(tax incl.)
Original Reuther. Elastic high performance double springboard with high dynamics through specially matched spring characteristic. Durable carpet cover with special foam padding.

Mini springboard Junior

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Mini springboard 'Junior', 100 x 55 cm Reuther. Construction World Cup springboard, such as dimensions, however: cm 100 x 55, for weights up to max. 40 kg.

Springboard Moscow 8

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FIG certified ORIGINAL REUTHER competition springboard (soft setting according to Fig. Standard). With Whisper Spring System (WSS), improved dynamic properties in the lower Einsprungbereich. 8 pyramidal, hardened steel springs in a golden color are aligned precisely.

Climbing tower slide

Piece from 839,90 €
(tax incl.)
M slide as a perfect complement to the climbing frame with a length of 3 cm and a width of 40th Best processing of shatterproof timber with special natural finish, ensures long life even for large loads!

Gymnastics Olympic facility

Set from 541,70 €
(tax incl.)
Competition model. sewn fine height adjustment, plastic-coated steel cable, leather straps in gymnastics rings without spring element. Without ceiling mount. Normal Height 5.80 m.

Tec Landing mat blue 2cm & Velcro Velcro

Piece from 564,90 €
(tax incl.)
Tec Landing mat with Velcro / velcro Check sandwich construction with excellent dimensional stability and reduced penetration depth at the landing. Surface made of durable, yellow needle-felt, bottom non-slip, profiled gymnastic mats material with seitlticher vent. Velcro / Flau look for safe connection of several mats. available in 4 strengths: 8 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 2 cm (choose one) li> reduced penetration depth li> excellent dimensional stability li > safe landing li> hard-wearing surface li> secure hold on the hall floor li> ul>

GRP spar

(tax incl.)
GRP spar for uneven Club, Exercise Bar Club, methodological Reck Club, floor stretching. Length 240 cm, 3.5 kg, wood, metal

BENZ bar for horizontal bar

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The BENZ bar for horizontal bar is the ideal sports equipment for everyone who values quality, safety and longevity. Made of stainless steel, this rod offers exceptional stability and is specifically designed for use in sleeve stretching systems. Specifications: Material: High-quality, stainless steel Diameter: 28mm Strength: Tempered to 1400 N/m² for maximum stability and longevity Surface: Polished for a smooth and comfortable feel Stretch forks: Double-sided stretching forks made of robust malleable cast iron for secure attachment Compatibility: Developed for sleeve stretching systems (stretch plug not included) Area of application: Apparatus gymnastics School sportsStrength sports Clubs

Springboard Kids / 4

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Springboard "KIDS 40" red, 120 x 60 cm, 40 kg usable. Youth and school springboard with composite foam padding and needle-felt red, 2x blue feathers.

Gymnastics rings, special dimension to

Set from 615,19 €
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Gymnastics rings, special size for measurement method of the customer without ceiling mount. Still Hanging rings, according to regulations, with ball-bearing swivel joints. Turnringe steel wire ropes (plastic-sheathed), 70 cm long leather base belt, in multilayered. When ordering, please measure from floor to hook suspending, specify

Tumbling train AirTrack P2

Piece from 2.873,90 €
(tax incl.)
Tumbling train AirTrack P2, blue / gray. The perfect beginners track for young people and new talents to practice new jumps and techniques in athletics and chearleading.

Junior Tower mat set for laying

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In the case of fixed Junior elements from BENZ as a tower, the specially adapted set of mats provides optimum safety when romping and playing on the gymnastic equipment. The mats are laid out inside the tower and around the tower.

Mats coating, 600x300x30 cm

(tax incl.)
Mats coating, 600x300x30 cm, yellow landing zone 400x200 cm, red landing zone 200x100 cm, for optimum orientation at the landing for double-Minitramp.Der coating can be pulled to 3 Soft floor mats 200x300x30cm .. (without soft floor mats)

BENZ Trampoline Spotter Mat 125x175x15 cm

(tax incl.)
BENZ Trampoline sliding mat 125 x 175 x 15 cm as a case protective layer consisting of a polyether RG22 with a cover made of durable, skin-friendly, blue stretch with respect to the top and high-strength polyester reinforced PVC material, including 4 handles.

Security Salto belt for waist circumference 50-90 cm - New design.

Piece from 211,90 €
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Security Salto belt for waist circumference 50-90 cm - new version. Ideal for learning and practicing somersaults and acrobatics parts from other sports. Made of nylon material with padding on the inside. The new integrated quick release strap is quick and easy to apply and remove again. 2 tethers each 90 cm long, which are attached to 2 PSA swivel snap hook, allowing easy rotary motion. Max. To 120 kg body weight allowed.

Methodology bar

Piece from 328,80 €
(tax incl.)
Methodology beams, blue / white, (L x B x H) 200 x 10 x 8 cm, beam width above 10 cm, bar width below 24.2 cm, 5 kg, more particularly multi-layer structure, the bottom is an anti-slip floor, suitable for all surfaces in the school -, club and professional sports

Method bar bench 15cm

Piece from 338,01 €
(tax incl.)
Method bar, blue / white, bar width at the top 15 cm, bar width at the bottom 24.2 cm, special multi-layer structure, there is an anti-slip floor at the bottom, suitable for all surfaces in school, club and professional sports

FIG Landing Mat 100x100x20

Piece from 308,90 €
(tax incl.)
The BENZ FIG certified low jump mat with 6-layer core and anti-slip coating is suitable for use in school, club and high-performance sports. Ensure optimal safety during sports with the BENZ FIG low jump mat. The mats are equipped with mesh ventilation to prevent tears. The Velcro fasteners all around facilitate the connection of several mats and the slipping apart of the mats during gymnastics.

Springboard Ergo Tramp, 135 x100 cm

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Springboard Ergo Tramp, spring springboard with Trampoilineigenschaften 135 x100 cm cm Höhensverstellbar of 26 -32. Loads up to 60 kg body weight. Training equipment for the transition from the trampoline on the diving board, the original system Reuther. Application: Primary and methodical gymnastics training.

Olympic pommel horse with wooden feets

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DIN 7,902th base from the best hardwoods. Galvanized insertions, height slightly in 5-cm-adjustable screening (95-150 cm), Competitive height 110 cm. A slider as height adjustment, special padding with real genuine cowhide cover. Wood rolls to rule, with concealed spindle. Hanging loop for tensioning chain. Pferdhufe standard plastic with integrated, non-marking rubber sheets. 2 feet fitted with castors. Delivery without tension chains.

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is considered a sport in which the skills of strength, flexibility and body control are the most important. At competitions, gymnasts perform acrobatic feats such as somersaults, handstands, flick flacks and many other impressive displays that they have practised and trained for months beforehand. The athletes compete either as individuals or in a team. In competitive sports, women's and men's teams are separated. In school sports or children's gymnastics, however, there is no such separation. Here, the focus is primarily on the fun factor and the first encounters with gymnastics equipment.

Discover now: Climbing Jungle Gymnastics Set - special tensioning system without drilling, ideal for children's rooms, day-care centres, play corners, therapy studios or facilities for the disabled.

What gymnastics equipment is available?

There are many types of gymnastics equipment.
The most common are:

What types of gymnastics are there? Competitive gymnastics, floor exercises and more.

Performance gymnastics

Performance gymnastics is about using body tension and strength to perform exercises on apparatus that look elegant and light. Gymnastics equipment such as balance beam, uneven bars, floor mats, etc. are used.

The concrete difference in competitive gymnastics is mainly due to the amount of training and the associated higher-level competitions.

Floor exercise

In floor exercise, artistic exercises such as double somersault, flick flack, backward roll etc. are performed on a floor exercise mat. In competitions, this mat is 12 m x 12 m. In school sports, these exercises are often performed on so-called light floor exercise mats.

Apparatus gymnastics/artistic gymnastics

Apparatus gymnastics (or artistic gymnastics) is considered both an individual and a team sport, whereby certain exercises must be performed on apparatus according to predefined criteria. Technique and posture are the main criteria. In competitions, this is also referred to as the D-score (degree of difficulty) and the E-score (execution of the exercise), which are evaluated.
The (club) athletes perform their exercises on large apparatus such as high bar, parallel bars, rings, balance beam and vaulting apparatus (trestle, box, horse, vaulting table). But also on the floor with corresponding floor gymnastics mats, given exercises are performed.

Discover now: Tumbling track AirTrack - the perfect introduction for small and big talents to practise new jumps and techniques in gymnastics and cheerleading.

Gymnastics apparatus and disciplines


The classic gymnastics disciplines are primarily apparatus gymnastics and trampolining. However, general gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, rope skipping and some other types of gymnastics are also disciplines on and with gymnastics apparatus. These include floor exercises such as somersaults or handstands and the discipline of vaulting. In floor exercises, acrobatic tricks are performed on a mat. In the vault discipline, gymnasts jump over a vaulting table and perform tricks such as spins or cartwheels before landing.

Gymnastics apparatus for women

What apparatus do women use? Classical gymnastics disciplines for women at a competition are in particular the uneven bars and the balance beam. The uneven bars differ from the bars for men in the height of the bars. In this case, the upper bar is higher than the lower bar (about one metre), whereas the bars for men are at the same height.
At BENZ Sport you can even get height-adjustable uneven bars, which can thus serve as multi-purpose bars.

Gymnastics equipment for men

On which apparatus do men do gymnastics? In addition to the parallel bars and the high bar, there is the gymnastics discipline rings for men, where two rings hang from the ceiling. Here the gymnast has to perform exercises in the air. He performs swinging movements and holds certain positions while holding them, which are evaluated.

In pommel horse, on the other hand, the gymnast does not hang but supports himself over the pommels. Here, too, the body and especially the legs are moved in the air (above the pommels). An acrobatic exercise for the pommel horse would be, for example, crossing the legs or gyrating leg swings.

Why is gymnastics so important?

Gymnastics is an excellent foundation for other sports. Gymnastics mainly improves strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and balance. Many elements can be found in other sports, such as the quick run-up or jump, which is needed in athletics, but also in football. Balance and agility are also important in dancing or synchronised swimming. Coordination and agility are also important.

Gymnastics is very important for the body's overall motor skills. Gymnastics is a good basis, especially because gymnastics involves rather unfamiliar movement sequences. Likewise, the fear of parallel bars or high bar must be overcome, which helps a person's development a lot.

Children's gymnastics, for example in kindergarten, is particularly important for discovering and developing the child's physical abilities. Even small children have a great urge to move and enjoy movement. It is important to encourage this, because fit children not only develop in a physically healthier way, but also expand their mental abilities. The whole apparatus "human being" gets going.