Vaulting Tables

Jump table pieces 3-foam PVC-coated,
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Jump table part 3 of foam with PVC coating, (L x B x H) 90 x 75 x 125 cm, 2 x module parts made of hard foam (50 cm high), 1 x semicircular foam element (25 cm high), adapted to the shape of a jump table-top, overall height variable 50, 75, 100 cm, all module parts are connected to each other with Velcro hook and loop tape system
PVC cover for Ergojet
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Cover for Ergojet - Vaulting tables made of PVC, for protection against dirt and dust, to cover the upper part Ergojet.
Vaulting table Ergojet Rio
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Competition jump table with new spring design enables optimized resilience and improved stability, especially in the middle and rear of the support surface. Simplified height adjustment with gas springs, the height adjustment of 100-140 cm possible in increments of 5 cm.
Vaulting table Ergojet Club
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Due to the large supporting surface of the Ergojet Club is an ideal jump table for training of youth in schools and club and is also suitable for racing.
Vaulting table Ergojet Junior
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Vault of reduced and padded ERGOJET-shell on stable Stahlrohrfußkonstruktion. 2 feet with casters, height adjustment from 85? 125 cm in 5 cm increments. Ideally suited for school and youth training.
Jump table ST-4
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FIG certified vaulting table. Central base cm with convenient continuous height adjustment of 100-140. The height is adjusted quickly and safely via a foot pedal. Body with double sheets and correspondingly arranged spring and damping elements.
Jump table ST-6
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Entry vaulting table for clubs and schools. Solid two-column design, can be infinitely adjusted via hand crank of 100-135 cm in height. Body in shape and size identical to the jump table ST. 4 Optionally available with drive system. Delivery unfree ex works.
Driving means for ST-4 and ST-6 Kipp and drawing
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For factory installation, or for retrofitting. The driving means for hopping tables ST-4 and ST-6 ensures easy transportation of unit area and point elastic hall floors. Double steering wheels with 50 mm castors Ø 70 mm, lifting height 6 cm.