Bars & Accessories

Barren protective padding
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for bullion pipes. Reduce accidents. protected foam padding with PVC coating. Closure means of Velcro. Phthalate! Without dangerous softeners!
Bullion inlay mat
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Between the longitudinal rails for youth and student bars. Phthalate! Without dangerous softeners!
Parallel bars Olympic Exclusive Holme
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A top product in the gymnastic equipment range for bullion Turner. A further development of the classic standard bar with many excellent features such as: very high stability by low-set focus and torsionally rigid base frame.
inlay mat
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Fits in sheet steel base frame, made of lightweight foam plate with PVC coating. Without cross frame covering. Dimensions: 219 x 43 x 6 cm.
students bars
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Standard bars, is the further development of our proven over decades Turn bars. The construction is the highest specifications, and offers all the comforts of a modern gym equipment. Maximum stability, height and width adjustment, Easy to use.
Youth bullion standard ingots,
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Bars in accordance with DIN EN 914 with rolling device and special laminated wood beams. Length 350 cm. Bright zinc insertions, height adjustment 110 - cm width adjustment 33 160 - cm 55th The very sturdy construction ensures an absolutely safe stand. By applying the flush mats Safety is largely assured.
Olympic bars
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Ingot according to DIN EN 914 with special laminated wood beams and rolling device 4 with large double casters which enable easy movement of the billet. Length 350 cm, bright zinc insertions, height adjustment 120-180 cm in 5 cm Schritten.Weitenverstellung 40 - 56 cm.
exercise bars
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In width by opposition of Holme push up to max. approx 47 cm adjustable. This also space-saving storage possible. Holm length of 230 cm, a rail height of 80 cm. Ideal device for students gymnastics.
Bullion transport device for the Olympics Exclusive
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This transport device specifically for the parallel bars Olympia exclusive consists of 2 parts. The devices are inserted into the billet inner frame and hooked into the cross bar left and right. Then, the billet is pressed by means of lever equipment up and hooked into each other the two devices to form a stable transport unit. Thus, the bars by the four strong double castors can be transported easily.
Parallel Bars mat set international
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Parallel bars mat set internationally, 2 mats (L x B x H) 300 x 200 x 20 cm, 2 mats (L x B x H) 300 x 200 x 20 cm with cutout, 1 mat (L x B x H) 100 x 200 x 20 cm, 4 mats (L x B x H) 100 x 135 x 20 cm, 1 mat (L x B x H) 300 x 70 x 20 cm (inlay mat)
Multipurpose bars
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Excellent multipurpose device for Men's Gymnastics and for uneven bars to intermediate level. The particularly sturdy construction maximum stability. Bright zinc insertions, height adjustment by 5 cm 120-180 cm, the other side telescopically 120-230 cm. Special laminated wood beams with a steel core, 350 cm long.
spare Holm
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For Spieth uneven bars round diameter. about 41 mm, glass fiber with wood veneer.
Competition bullion Champion World Cup Stuttgart
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Original Reuther competition parallel bars with vibration-free metal connection between standpipes and Holmen. Secured breakthrough, shock absorbing struts made of special plywood with three fiber optic cores. FIG certified
A trolley (pair)
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For Champion bars for hanging on both bars sleepers. 2 pieces for transport are needed.
Safety mat with threshold cushion (one-piece)
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The safest solution - the bar frame safety mat! Made of laminated composite foam cores with PVC coating gym mat. This one-piece mat allows the cushioning of the entire ingot interior and the longitudinal struts.