Rescue Equipment

Restube Classic

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The RESTUBE classic is a little lifesaver buoy that can be triggered by a CO2 cartridge in an emergency. RESTUBE suitable for swimmers, snorkelers, sailors, fishermen, as well as for long distance swimmers and triathletes. This basic version offers full security and is affordable for everyone. With a 25 mm and 30 mm to secure hip belt vertically and horizontally.

RESTUBE lifeguard

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RESTUBE lifeguard was developed in close cooperation with the SLRG and lifeguards of RLNI, DLRG & amp; Wasserwacht developed. The principle of the rescue aid is the same: an inflatable buoy with screwed CO2 cartridges.

RESTUBE sports

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RESTUBE sports has been developed for the harder use and ideal for kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing or SUP. RESTUBE sports can for any other activity on and used in the water. The buoy has a buoyancy in the inflated state of 75 N, which corresponds to about kg. 7

RESTUBE replacement cartridges

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The RESTUBE CO2 replacement cartridges are suitable versions for all RESTUBE. By inserting a new CO2 cartridge and locking clips RESTUBE is reliably again ready for use. Only the original CO2 cartridges provide a proper function safely and ensure a long service life of the Restubes.


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Hard plastic, 75 cm x 45 2.5 kg orange, with reflective stripes, according to EN 14144 and / or SOLAS, suitable for protective housing. With eingespeißter, orange / black lifeline, 30 m long, 8 mm dia, UV-stabilized.

rescue Torpedo

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Original Baywatch Torpedo in professional quality. A foamed thermoplastic material for consistent driving ability. Dimensions: 66 23 cm long cm wide and 12.5 cm high. Complete with cable and shoulder strap. Recommended for outdoor use.

Rescue throw bag

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Rescue throwbag to wear compact and easy to attach with Velcro at Velco pants belt. 18 m throw line and driver in the bag. to throw accurately through their own weight, even for boat or canoe.