Swimming / Diving Clothes


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Swim like a dolphin thanks to the monofin with flexible plastic fin strap. The heel strap can be adjusted quickly and easily. "Wave" for children, shoe size 33-39. "Rapid" for adults, shoe size 40-46

Short swim fins pair

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The short swim fin pair improves footwork and increases propulsion during swim training without overstraining the muscles. The recessed edges and flow channel on the fin blade ensure efficient power transmission while improving stroke frequency. Thanks to the silicone material, the swim fin is also suitable for latex allergy sufferers. The short swim fin pair is available in different sizes: 3XS (25-29) 2XS (30-33) XS (33-35) S (36-38) M (38-41) L (41-43) XL (44-46)

Swimming fins Comfort

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The Benz Comfort swim fins are specially made from allergy-free thermo-rubber and have a flexible, yet stable plastic blade. They serve long and intensive use in the water and are ideally suited for swimming lessons. Thanks to the closed rubber foot part, it is extremely comfortable to wear.

DLRG swimsuit

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Body suit with belt made of high quality cotton 250g/m². Specially designed for dress swimming and training for lifeguarding. Designed for high stress in the water. The fit of the twill suit is deliberately cut larger for the needs in dress swimming. Some of the suits are 1 - 2 dress sizes larger.

Swimming goggles for children

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Professional swimming goggles for children and adolescents. Lamellar seal from silicone and especially elastic, split headband. Adjustable nose bridge, frames and eye cups made of polycarbonate. 100% UV protection, anti-fog. 4 color combinations, according to inventory.

Swimming goggles BOSTON MIRROR, silver

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Swimming goggles BOSTON MIRROR, silver, highly elastic, double headband with adjustment clip, UV protection, anti-fog. , In addition, 2 x nose pieces in different sizes. Certified to BS5883: 1996th 1 x storage box for the protection of swimming goggles

Children swimming goggles CATANIA

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The swimming goggles Catania are specially designed for children aged from 4 years and up and are perfect for a day at the swimming pool or outdoor pool. Details: With anti-fog system Protection against UV rays (100%) Adjustable and soft silicone headband Shock resistant lenses Incl. storage box

Diving Mask Ari

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The diving mask Ari is the ideal companion for children from 4 years of age in the outdoor or indoor pool, at the swimming lake or on the beach. Details: Material: polyvinyl Transparent seal Adjustable headband For children from 4 years