Service & maintenance

Service & maintenance

Services are characterized by reliability, professionalism and fairness. Thanks to the use of the latest technology and special tools, our trained specialists are "masters of the situation" in every situation. The focus is on the safety of the athletes. The visible symbol for this service is the RAL seal of approval (quality assurance RAL-GZ 945).

The comprehensive BENZ service and maintenance service has been supporting sports facility operators for over 100 years! Through our professional service work, we guarantee the functionality and security of the purchased equipment even after many years.

Regular maintenance and immediate removal of necessary minor repairs prevent major damage and the sports facility remains inexpensive to maintain.

Annual sport facility testing according to:

• DGUV Information 202-044



All service work that we perform is carried out by experienced and trained technicians. Our service staff are brought up to date with the latest technology through regular training courses. Of course, our specialists are also familiar with the currently applicable regulations.


Safety is the top priority - our employees quickly and cheaply splice on a worn hemp rope or replace worn leather covers. The system can thus be used safely again.

Spare Parts

Each of our service technicians is equipped with a maintenance vehicle. All vehicles are fully equipped with tools and are equipped with an extensive range of spare parts. This means that most small repairs can be carried out quickly and inexpensively on site and there is no need for a second trip.

BENZ Wartungsservice
On-site service

Your advantage - the BENZ® on-site service! Defective parts are checked on site by our service technicians and, if necessary, replaced immediately. The devices are then fully functional again.

Quality assurance

The BENZ sports equipment inspection / maintenance and assembly is subject to rigorous testing and control both internally and externally. Quality management is an integral part of our company philosophy.

Service inspection

Our service technicians check the built-in and transportable devices for safety and reliability. Repairs can be carried out immediately on request. After the service inspection, you will receive a detailed report from us, which will give you information about the technical status of the sports equipment.

We differentiate between legal minimum requirements and the most economically sensible service package. The method specially tailored to your needs can also be a combination or addition of corresponding services. You can obtain information about your individual offer from your BENZ specialist