Here you will find everything to do with sport, fun and exercise in the water. Benz offers you a wide range of articles for leisure, school and swimming sports.
But also a variety of water sports accessories and furnishings for the swimming pool, such as high-quality plastic furniture for the wet area, diving boards, accessories for the changing area or water polo goals, and much more.
Water toys for children, everything to do with aqua fitness but also extensive training accessories.

Neoprene beach soccer ball

(tax incl.)
The Beachsoccer ball from Schildkröt can be played on the grass, on the beach and in the water thanks to its neoprene cover. A perfect vacation buddy in three trendy designs. Product details: Size 5 Diameter: 21 cm Salt water resistant thanks to neoprene cover Color will be delivered according to availability

Neoprene diving animals set of 3

(tax incl.)
The diving animals are sand-filled with neoprene coating. They sink slowly to the bottom and the bright colors provide good visibility. Due to a foam insert in the upper part, the animals stand vertically on the bottom and are therefore easy to grab even for smaller children.Product details:Set of 3 with sand filled animalsSize approx. 12 cmFoam insert at the top of the animalsAssorted colorsSet contents:1 x sea lion1 x seahorse1 x fishCAUTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under 3 years.Rinse article with clear water after use and dry sufficiently.

WABOBA Extreme Ball

(tax incl.)
Get ready for extreme water fun. The WABOBA Extreme ball is specially designed for throwing games in the water. Product features: Diameter: 6 cm Super grippy Ball for advanced players

Bodyboard M

(tax incl.)
If you are looking for fun on the wave, you should try the Schildkröt bodyboards. Bodyboards offer the perfect introduction to the world of surfing. Product features: Size M Dimensions (L x W x H): 69 x 45 x 4.5 cm Material: EPS core, nylon + PE Maximum load: 60 kg ATTENTION! No protection against drowning. Use only under constant supervision! DE - Swimming board/kickboard (according to EN 13138-2). The product is not a swimming aid.

Diving Mask Ari

(tax incl.)
The diving mask Ari is the ideal companion for children from 4 years of age in the outdoor or indoor pool, at the swimming lake or on the beach. Details: Material: polyvinyl Transparent seal Adjustable headband For children from 4 years

Children swimming goggles CATANIA

Piece from 10,90 €
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The swimming goggles Catania are specially designed for children aged from 4 years and up and are perfect for a day at the swimming pool or outdoor pool. Details: With anti-fog system Protection against UV rays (100%) Adjustable and soft silicone headband Shock resistant lenses Incl. storage box

Moisture-proof wall clock

(tax incl.)
A classic wall clock with arabic dial perfect for damp areas as it is steam and water protected. Details: Size Ø 30 cm Housing made of plastic Quartz clockwork Battery operation: 1x AA / LRG (not included) Steam and water protected Not suitable for indoor saunas

Damp-proof wall clock Ø 17 cm

(tax incl.)
Battery operated quartz damp proof clock with a Ø of 17 cm. Silver gray plastic case, steam and waterproof. Not suitable for the sauna. Specifications: Plastic housing gray Ø 17 cm Steam and waterproof Weight 300 g Application range: Swimming hall Bathroom Closing room Requires 1 battery AA / LR6 (not included!)

Aquaness water trampoline

(tax incl.)
The exercises on a water trampoline train balance and coordination. The water resistance specifically targets the deep muscles, improves the cardiovascular system and activates lymphatic drainage. Aquajumping is ideal for building up the abdominal muscles, thigh and buttock muscles. Specifications AquaNess Trampoline TR1: Diameter 102 cm Floor height to frame 36 cm Height of support bar 110 cm High-strength, yellow jumping net, polyester fabric, PVC coating. Aluminium 6000 series Epoxy coating, salt and chlorine resistant 8 feet with suction cups Max. Load 150 kg Weight with handle 12 kg

Deuser special pull rope

Piece from 21,90 €
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The DEUSER pull rope is a versatile exercise device that can be used to train movement techniques, strength and fitness. Athletes from various sports like to use the pull rope and even swimming techniques with the necessary muscle groups can be trained with this rope 'in the dry'. When the DEUSER pull rope has been attached to a fixed object, such as a post, wall bars, etc., with a loop, an infinite number of exercises can be performed and muscle groups trained. For safety during training, the loops are adjustable in size for hands or legs. The material is durable and skin-friendly. Made in Germany. Delivery includes training instructions.Specifications: Special exercise equipment for many sports Simulation and optimization of motion sequences Length 350 cmAvailable in three tensile strengths 20 kg / 30 kg / 40 kg Durable and skin friendlyMade in Germany Range of application: Suitable for almost any type of sports Strengthening of various muscle groups Practical training device for on the goIncrease mobility and coordination

BECO water wings

Pair from 8,90 €
(tax incl.)
The BECO water wings are equipped with a double chamber system. Due to the flattened inside and the high quality PVC material they have a high wearing comfort. Recommended by the DLRG. Caution: Use only in shallow water under adult supervision. Available sizes: Size 0, 2 to 6 years, 15-30 kg Size 1, 6 to 12 years, 30-60 kg Size 2, from 12 years, over 60 kg


Piece from 5,90 €
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Anatomical snorkel tube Nazi mouthpiece and integrated snorkel holder, comfortable to wear, neon colors.

Float Rainbow

(tax incl.)
With the swimming board in rainbow colours, going to the outdoor pool is twice as much fun.Details: Measures (W x L x H) 30 x 48 x 3 cm. Perfect for children's swimming Rainbow design Made of durable PE foam

DLRG swimsuit

Piece from 54,89 €
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Body suit with belt made of high quality cotton 250g/m². Specially designed for dress swimming and training for lifeguarding. Designed for high stress in the water. The fit of the twill suit is deliberately cut larger for the needs in dress swimming. Some of the suits are 1 - 2 dress sizes larger.

Wellenkiller Leine Jumbo

Meter from 925,70 €
(tax incl.)
Wave Killer Line Jumbo. The floating elements are made of polypropylene and are resistant to UV rays and weathering. Each wave-breaking element is equipped with a fixed float. Both ends of the line start with 5 m of red breakwaters, followed by blue and white ones alternating over a length of 37 cm each. Black elements are placed every 15 m, the middle is marked with red elements. The competition lines are produced in accordance with the applicable regulations and accident prevention provisions of the FIN / FINA rules.


Piece from 78,90 €
(tax incl.)
Swim like a dolphin thanks to the monofin with flexible plastic fin strap. The heel strap can be adjusted quickly and easily. "Wave" for children, shoe size 33-39. "Rapid" for adults, shoe size 40-46

Outdoor pool cabinet

Piece from 481,97 €
(tax incl.)
Welded construction made of galvanized sheet steel and high-quality powder coating. Standard colors: light gray (RAL 7035), flame red (RAL 3000), light blue (RAL 5012), powder blue (RAL 5014), resedagrün (RAL 6011) .Farbwunsch please specify when ordering. Metal door with reinforcement pocket and vents up and down. Superposed compartments, compartment width 30 cm. hinged on the right for each subject 1 clothes rail with three plastic clothes hooks, doors at 15 cm base. Standard cylinder lock with 2 keys, coin-deposit lock at extra cost.


Piece from 17,10 €
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Made of impact and break-proof plastic, black, with Rockösen and trouser. Black nylon mesh bag fastened to the anti-theft eyelets. Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces.

Swim Gloves

Pair from 16,90 €
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Water aerobics gloves made of flexible neoprene with high comfort level to increase water resistance and are well suited for arm and shoulder training or aqua jogging.

Bath tube

Piece from 48,59 €
(tax incl.)
With the bath hose, outdoor pool water fun is guaranteed! The extremely robust butyl rubber rings in various sizes are particularly durable. Details: Available in four sizes Made of durable and sturdy butyl rubber Internal and recessed valves Suitable from 2-20 children depending on size

BENZ Eurokick swimming board

(tax incl.)
The BENZ Eurokick swimming board is a practical swimming aid for exercises in the water. Product details: Dimensions: 44.5 x 30.5 x 4 cm Extra strong construction Recesses for hands and feet 3-layer swimming board Plastazote foam

Float Aqua Sprint

Piece from 9,50 €
(tax incl.)
From chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, hypoallergenic, gas and toxic, rot resistant, resistant to light, with great buoyancy, round front

Nordic Aqua Handles

(tax incl.)
With an ergonomically shaped grip on the funnel-shaped resistance, Nordic walking is now also possible in the water. The funnel shape allows a resistance as high as that of the pole kick on land, without acting forwards or generating any lift. In addition, hand loops are attached, which increase training comfort and lead to a relaxed grip without tense holding. The two different colours guarantee correct and quick assignment of the sides: orange = right, blue = left.

Quick-Up Pool Set

Piece from 166,90 €
(tax incl.)
Pool adjusts to the filling with water itself, with inflatable rat race. Incl. Pump for water circulation, filtration and tarpaulin.

Aqua Twin II

Pair from 43,90 €
(tax incl.)
The Power sandal for effective abdominal, legs and bottom-training in the water, as well as aqua jogging and cardio training

AIREX® Gymnastikmatte Coronella

Piece from 112,80 €
(tax incl.)
The ARIEX Coronella gymnastics mat offers you pleasant comfort and can be used in many ways. The perfect fitness partner for training and therapy. Thanks to the specially developed material, the gymnastics mat can additionally be used in water. Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 185 x 60 x 1.5 cm Gentle on the joints Very good cushioning properties against cold and hard floors Skin-friendly material Perfect for training in the gym, clubs and rehabilitation

A flotation collar Secumar 9S

Piece from 143,89 €
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The Secumar 9S flotation collar made of smooth, durable material and offers uncertain swimmers, patients in rehabilitation, or disabled, aid and security in the water. The float collar provides a comfortable position that keeps your head safely above water.

Diving Mask Junior Piranha ""

Piece from 10,90 €
(tax incl.)
for children. Elastic face shell and headband made of PVC. Color: blue polycarbonate lenses with UV protection. Headband is resistant to salt water. Not recommended for children under 3 years!


Piece from 11,90 €
(tax incl.)
The swimming belt is a classic swimming aid and offers safety by learning to swim. Details: Made of cross-linked foam With continuously adjustable strap 5-piece or 6-piece version available

Lamellar diving ring

Piece from 5,90 €
(tax incl.)
The lamellar diving rings bring a lot of fun to the swimming pool. The diving rings are very easy to sink in the water and thanks to their bright colors, they are also easy to recognize underwater. Details: With very handy lamellae Ø 15 cm Available in three bright colors

Dampers for water springboard

Set from 1.192,64 €
(tax incl.)
This springboard damper unit with oil pressure damper ensures significant noise reduction. It intercepts the springboard before it hits the roller. The noise problem on impact is significantly reduced (up to 87 %). The damper unit is rustproof and can be easily retrofitted under any springboard (GRP). The springboard, roller adjustment and end bearing are protected. The delivery consists of damper, damper block and counter plate. The supplied reinforcement plate (counter plate) is fitted underneath the springboard so that the damper head cannot cause any damage to the springboard. Height of the entire unit approx. 175 mm + 10 mm counter plate.

Play, fun and learning: Swimming is meaningful with accessories - Benz Sport has it! 

Whether you've earned your swimming badge at a club, learned to swim in school sports, or spent your summer vacation with friends at the outdoor pool: swimming is time well spent. But can you do without accessories when swimming? Benz Sport equips schools, clubs and pools. 

In a nutshell: What you can expect in this article 

Where can I get swimming equipment? 

Nowadays, only a few schools in Germany maintain their own swimming pools. If accessories are needed for lessons, the sports teachers have to get them themselves and take them to the public pool used by the school. Benz Sport has been equipping schools with gymnastics equipment, sports accessories and, of course, accessories for swimming lessons since 1907. 

How do I set up locker rooms and wet areas? 

Wet areas and locker rooms need furniture that can withstand water. Benz Sport offers plastic chairs, loungers, benches and clothes storage that serve well in both shower and locker room areas, as well as in the rest area of an indoor swimming pool. 

What do I need if I want to take swimming badges? 

Swim badges may only be awarded to those who can prove that they have the appropriate qualifications. This is the case with teachers for school swimming lessons, but also swimming coaches in clubs and even the lifeguards of swimming pools can do this. The swimming badges and certificates as well as the swimming passport of the DLRG are required. Stopwatches, diving rings or poles, and a DLRG swimsuit (for lifeguard awards) are also needed to provide proof of performance. To determine the lengths swum, the pool should be the standard length of 25 meters. Starting block, one-meter board and three-meter board should be fixed. Diving depths of 2 meters must be easily accessible in the pool. 

Who is the Benz Sport offer aimed at? 

First and foremost, Benz Sport equips schools, clubs, public institutions and private operators of sports facilities. Here we are talking about goals for water polo, diving boards, changing rooms and swimming line trolleys, shelves, showers and observation chairs for lifeguards. Swimming noodles, diving animals and nose clips, water balls, bathing caps, on the other hand, are also of interest to private individuals. Benz Sport is for everyone - of course, you may order privately from us. 


  • Equipment for swimming pools, clubs, schools and private individuals
  • Specialty water rescue: Swimming accessories at Benz Sport
  • Buy everything for swimming online?
  • Benz Sport stands for quality, safety and comfort
  • The whole variety of water sports: From aqua gymnastics to water training
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Equipment for swimming pools, clubs, schools and private persons 

How does the diving board actually get into the swimming pool? Can you get something like that for your private pool in the garden? You certainly can, for example at Benz Sport. We carry all the equipment or fittings you need to set up a pool for teaching, normal swimming or private use. Our fitters will come to you together with your equipment ordered from Benz Sport. Since we maintain our own fleet of 20 vehicles, we can deliver to customers all over Germany. For you this means: You order for public facilities and institutions such as municipal swimming pools or schools. We are also there for private customers. 

By the way, not only the "big things" are available at Benz Sport. You can also order "little things" from pool noodles and swimming boards to ear plugs and water wings from us. 

Special water rescue: Swimming accessories at Benz Sport 

Did you know that even a few centimeters of standing water is enough for people to drown? Especially for children this is dangerous. If the oxygen supply to the brain stops for just 60 seconds, irreparable damage is imminent. This makes it all the more important that swimming pools are designed safely. Rescue equipment must always be at hand. Throw lines, poles, life rings and RESTUBE are provided by Benz Sport. Please always make sure that nothing can happen, even in your private pool. The best way to do this is to attend a water line course. The DLRG offers this regularly, even for young people. 

Everything around swimming buy online? 

Swimming and accessories - that takes space. Of course, we could maintain showrooms and a store in the biggest German cities. But would you really drive there to buy your nose clips, the shelf for swimming noodles or a water polo goal? Don't get it wrong: you are welcome to visit us at our headquarters in Winnenden. But it is much more convenient for you to order diving boards, waterproof plastic benches, changing rooms and pool mats in our online store and have them delivered to you. Our team will assemble your equipment at your site, so you don't have to worry about anything. We strive for the most sustainable production and delivery possible, and even have our production facilities here in Germany heated with a CO2-neutral system. So you can trust us when we assure you: Your order via the online store is firstly secure and secondly secondly, much more sustainable than a store could be. 

Benz Sport stands for quality, safety and comfort  

Benz Sport maintains a large assortment across all imaginable sports. Some of our products are designed for teaching, some for the public sector and some for private individuals. And there is a reason for that. For more than 100 years, our company, now in its fourth generation of family management, has been producing sports equipment and devices. We still maintain our own locksmith's shop, a carpentry shop and a saddlery here in Germany. This means: We can produce under German working conditions and according to German quality standards. It doesn't matter to the locksmith shop whether a metal diving plate is being produced, a ground anchor for the tennis net or a pull-up bar. We process high-quality materials professionally. Our quality control also speaks for itself. 

We are proud to be able to equip international competitions and tournaments with our sports equipment and gymnastics equipment again and again! 

The whole variety of water sports: From aqua gymnastics to water familiarization. 

At Benz Sport, we try to fulfill as many wishes as possible when it comes to swimming and accessories. That is why our assortment is so broad. Many products, such as the material storage trolley or the wet room bench, are not tied to a specific water sport. You can also use the swimming gloves in both competitive swimming and aqua gymnastics. The aqua jogging belt, which adds some buoyancy to the hips, makes as much sense in senior sports as it does in beginner adult swim classes. Swimming aids Superfloat cylinder and water toys, on the other hand, you need more in water familiarization for children. Of course, you can also get your equipment for water polo from us. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Which different types of swimming equipment are available at Benz? 

Benz Sport tries to serve all wishes around swimming and accessories. In our assortment you will find a wide range of equipment for aqua gymnastics in the broadest sense up to training aids for swimming lessons. We also support competitive swimmers with accessories. Water polo fans will find goals, balls and more. If you consider diving in the pool as a sport, you will also find this equipment at Benz Sport. And, of course, there is everything that is needed in a swimming pool. 

How much does it cost to buy swimming accessories online at Benz Sport? 

Our cheapest items cost less than a euro (yardage of non-slip floor mats for showers and changing rooms), while our most costly items are in the four-digit range (free-standing water diving board). In between you'll find water polo goals, waterproof lockers, aqua bikes, swim buckets and swim line reel carts. Even an underwater MP3 player (170 euros), swimming boards and colorful neoprene diving animals (under 10 euros) are available at Benz-Sport. You see: It depends on what kind of accessories you buy. And the shipping costs also depend on the size of your order. 

What brands does Benz Sport carry? 

In the swimming and accessories segment you will find very many products from our own production. But of course we can not produce everything ourselves. We have added high-quality products from other manufacturers to our range, such as the gymnastic mat from AIREX or swimming wings from BECO, as well as the Aquabike from AquaNess. 

What accessories do I need for swimming? 

You will definitely need a swimsuit and towels. Whether you need swimming aids, nose clips and ear plugs depends on your experience and previous training in swimming. It is rare nowadays for a spa to require swimming caps and shoes for visitors. And everything else (diving rings, water polo, play animals) is optional.