Pedalo® retaining supports "rigid"

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The pedalo retention supports can be rigidly to the pedalo Combi and Family, and screw onto pedalo Rocker, spring and roller boards. They give the practitioner a firm footing and expand the variety of exercises and applications of products.

Pedalo foot Rainer

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Pedalo-foot Rainer. 1 pair foot Rainer birch plywood, incl. 7 Kippleisten (2x long, 5x short). 2 Korkunterlagen. Quality exhibition space with cork overlay (tactile, warm, anti-slip, cleanable). Dimensions: L33 B12 H3

Pedalo® Rola-Bola "sports

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Pedalo® Rola-Bola "Sport"; Brett birch plywood 6x35 mm, natural finish. Role in solid ash, run safely stored on non-slip guide rings, 1x35 mm. Circumferential grid hole for accessories. 4 rubber stoppers at the ends. Incl. Anti-slip Stickers

Pedalo® Surf

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The fun sport device addictive for budding movement freaks. The pedalo Surf combines the properties of surfboard, skate and snowboard. The pedalo IG leadership of the state board in consultation with the Over Twist role is the basis for maximum freedom of movement. The state board runs on two in the role integrated skids and gives the practitioner the necessary control and guidance Safety. A soft end stop with rubber buffers and the anti-slip surface are additional quality features that make pedalo surfing so unique. The reaction, anticipation and sensitive handling of the balance required with a pedalo surfing at any time.

pedalo® stilts "Child's play"

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Robust stilts for kindergarten, school and private with ergonomically rounded grab bar and 7-way adjustable stilts baking. Special anti-slip rubber caps allow running inside and out and make this quality stilts become an extremely popular training tool for balance exercises.

Pedalo® stabilizer "therapy"

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A full body exercise device for improving the sensory control of posture and movement. It offers a wide variety of exercises in standing and support. To train the balance, the stability and the prevention of falls. For patients with neurological deficits and after operations on the holding apparatus.

Pedalo® stabilizer "professional"

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The pedalo® stabilizer & lt; & lt; pro & gt; & gt; is the demanding increase the execution & lt; & lt; Sports & gt; & gt ;. The legs work here independently. One side muscle and coordinative weaknesses are thus better identified the practitioner / therapist. The foot stand platforms offer more mobility in all directions and require more stability, especially in the foot and lower leg muscles.

pedalo® Vestimed® 50

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The pedalo®-Vestimed® has a spring system, which can perform all exercises in the unstable state. proved just as in the prevention and rehabilitation as the fitness, health and sports performance. The universal full-body exercise machine shows its full effect from head to toe and binds brain, nervous system, arms, legs, back, torso and abdomen in the movements with one.

pedalo® textile band Power

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A completely new resistance band, unique with a 100% elongation, for daily training in combination with pedalo® coordination equipment, carabiner clip. The 9 engaging tabs for hands and feet are for individual use in an optimum length and resistance.


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The pedalo®-soft pads, made of special foam, can be used alone or as a support in combination with pedalo® coordination products to enhance the training effect and protect the joints are used. Also suitable for pedalo® footboards.

pedalo® Trim Top 50 Vario

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The trim-Top is a high quality and versatile rocker and gyro board at the same time for a comprehensive fitness training in sitting, standing and Arm Support. The exhibition space offers a two-footed positioning in the safe hüftbreiten status and allows seniors easier upgrades. This Wippbrett is suitable for the prevention of falls well


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The optimum foot-strut axle coaches for teaching and training of the screw foot for a healthy foot. while the Fußlängsgewölbe is trained while an anatomically stabilized straight and beautiful leg axis over the Fersenaufrichtung and the big toe ball contact.

pedalo®-Rola Bola Fun

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Fresh and dynamic with a tailllierten footprint presents itself styled pedalo®-Rola Bola Fun. Four rubber stopper, an anti-slip motif print and the gummed wooden roller offer the highest security features of a quality product. Thus making the playful balance exercises on the role twice as much fun.

Pedalo® spring board

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The Pedalo® spring board is a perfect training station for sports and therapy to improve the entire posture and movement coordination. Details: Available in two sizes Base: 150 x 40 / 180 x 60 cm Height: 21 cm Made of 21 mm birch plywood 4 Senso springs permanently mounted With variable Senso springs (1 or 2 springs depending on version) Max. User weight 120 kg Range of use: Recreational sports Health sport Clubs Fitness studios Rehabilitation centres & therapy practices

Pedalo® Combi

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The pedalo for two. Identical to double pedalo, however cm with 60 long footboards. As accessories pedalo supports are attachable. From about 3 years, (L x B x H) 64 x 37.5 x 22 cm, Weight 8 kg, resilient kg to about 200th

Pedalo® Combi S air

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The pneumatic outdoor pedalo for 2 people for uneven surfaces also rolling over meadows, gravel and is therefore ideally suited for outdoor play equipment. From about 3 years. (L x B x H) 82 x 47 x 28 cm, weight 12 kg, resilient to about 250 kg

Pedalo® telescopic supports (pair)

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Offer the practitioner a secure footing, are quickly and continuously adjustable in height (64-100 cm) and designed for mounting on the designated pedalo's. With height scaling. Weight 2.6 kg.

Pedasan bear role

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Shoes support the entertainment apparatus of our feet, by ligaments and muscles are passive. Barefoot exercises on the Pedasan bears strong role the neglected transverse arch, give and receive healthy feet. The reflex zones of the sole of the foot are stimulated and massaged.

Pedalo® Wawago

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Due to the novel arranged obliquely running boards results in a completely new type of movement, such as when walking. The toes are moving up and down. If you fold to a tread surface in the extension, so you can learn one step forward completely new movement.

Pedalo® Slalom

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can drive the only pedal boat with which you curves. For this reason, this pedalo is also very often used by skiers as a training tool. 3 large frosted with black PVC wooden wheels. The coated treads are 6 x 14 cm in size.

Pedalo® rehab Bar S

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The bars pedalo S is adapted to the requirements of the therapy in its stable design and equipment. The spacers between the, white PVC-coated, wood wheels guarantee a wide, stable platform on 2 large birch multiplex running boards (100 x 14 cm).

Pedalo® Family

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Ideal as a gaming device in schoolyards and kindergartens. The family pedalo is equipped with six large, covered with black PVC, wooden wheels. For safety, the wide footboards are provided (100 x 14 cm) in addition with two rigid supports (80 cm high).

pedalo®-Rollbrett Set Color ""

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This pedalo was developed for therapeutic use. The rehabilitation pedal boat S, is equipped with 6 large wooden wheels, which are screwed firmly to the axle. The axes of the S-series provide increased safety reserves. The wheels are covered with white PVC, making it ideal for indoor use.

pedalo® Sulki

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Pushing, pulling, race, bluster - alone or in pairs - the Sulki finds its use in every imaginative play. Since it is used mostly by two children to great role plays develop bring all the children to move.

Pedalo® Sports

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The rotating foot plates, wooden, 6 x 14 cm increase the difficulty and train the balance, responsiveness and coordination skills in particular. Therefore, in recreational and competitive sports, the individual Pedalo® is hereby established as an important training tool.

Pedalo® Classic

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Ideal entry-level device that can be operated with only 3 years. The two foot plates (each 30 x 14 cm) can accommodate one person. The mature are PVC-jacketed. (L x B x H) 44 x 37 x 22 cm, weight 6.4 kg, resilient kg to 200 micrometers.

Pedalo seesaw board 1500 K140

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This Pedalo seesaw board is a true island of movement and offers space and opportunities for several people at once to prove their balance not only in a playful way.Dimensions (W x L x H) 45 x 150 x 16 cm Weight 12 kg Maximum loadable up to 200 kg Recommended from 3 years