Pedasan Bear Role
Pedasan Bear Role
Pedasan Bear Role Pedasan Bear Role Pedasan Bear Role

Pedasan bear role

Shoes support the entertainment apparatus of our feet, by ligaments and muscles are passive. Barefoot exercises on the Pedasan bears strong role the neglected transverse arch, give and receive healthy feet. The reflex zones of the sole of the foot are stimulated and massaged.
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This promotes blood circulation in the feet and legs and contributes to a better well-being. Even with shoes makes the bear role lot of fun and is in it in children as well as outside a popular gaming device, since it promotes balance, reaction and coordination. Birch plywood and solid beech Normalbereift weight Ø 22 cm 2.4 kg Ø 32 cm: 4.0 kg width 37 cm carrying capacity up to 100 kg
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