Here you will find our extensive range of gymnastics for school, mass and competitive sports. But also everything about therapy and rehabilitation and everything about ballet, yoga, balance, etc. You will find everything here - from gymnastics mats to gymnastics hoops to trampolines.

Thera-Band CLX 2 m

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The TheraBand CLX band helps you build strength for fitness and therapy as a resistance band. Thanks to the patented Easy Grip Loop system, the CLX is an exercise band, loop and tubing in one.. Details: 2 meter tape with 11 loops. Easy Grip Loop System No knots or wrapping of the tape needed Latex free Strengths: Yellow - light 1.4 kg tensile strength Red - medium 1.7 kg tensile strength Green - strong 2.1 kg tensile strength Blue - extra strong 2.6 kg tensile strength Black - special strong 3.3 kg tensile strength Silver - super strong 4.6 kg tensile strength Gold - maximum strong 6.5 kg tensile strength


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The Blackroll Pro is compared zut standard roll by 50% harder and therefore a particularly intense fascial training suitable

Balancierstab Flamingo Beam

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The perfect Trainigsgerät for coordination exercises and coordination tests outdoors, at home or in the gym. Developed in collaboration with the DTB for the European Fitness badges (European Fitness Badge EFB).


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The SLACK NUT Senso is a strung with slacklines rocker and is a full sensorimotor training device. It is especially suitable for therapeutic range, training of coordination, increased performance, promote balance and improve body awareness. The difficulty level can be increased by loosening the bands.

Brasil Aqua Set of 2

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Brasil Aqua meets all the requirements for an effective abdominal legs Po-training and for a modern back and health training, on the joints through the ergonomic shape and low weight of 270 g each.

Actiroll Rumble

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A new air-filled, yet hard roll that is used as a regeneration tool for self massage and relaxation. The Actiroll is used in the field of Faszienfitness in training and therapy. The included hand pump the Actiroll can be easily and continuously adjusted to different degrees of hardness.

TOGU Actiball

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The Actiball - made in Germany - is an air-filled regeneration tool for self-massage. With a diameter of approx. 9 cm, it is light and space-saving to use. The main aim of the massage using your own body weight is to relieve adhesions and tension. The specially flattened nubs allow for an even more effective and pleasant massage effect and can promote blood circulation. The Ruton material is hardened, robust and easy to clean, skin-friendly, odourless and 100% recyclable.


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The new Brasil Brasil Base for group lessons in a club or gym is a Made in Germany product of Ruton

BRASIL® DVD "Body styling with BRASIL"

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Fitness professional Gabi Fastner has put together a program for this DVD - it's really fun, is easy to perform and takes very little time. DVD contents: Introduction & amp; Handling of the Brasil (03.30 min.), The total program (52.30 min.).

Physio-Tape 15 x 240 cm

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Physio tape is the perfect training companion for exercises that are easy on the joints of the arm, shoulder, trunk, foot and leg muscles. Details: Material: 100% natural latex Available in four thicknesses Dimensions 15 x 240 cm Incl. instructions

TOGU Actiroll Wave

Piece from 42,89 €
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The Actiroll is used in the field of fascia fitness, in training and therapy. Technical data: Size M: Dimensions = approx. 30 cm length, ca.11,5 cm Ø Profile depth: approx. 0,5 cm Weight: approx. 0,9 kgSize L: Dimensions = approx. 53 cm length; approx. 23 cm Ø Profile depth: approx. 0,7 cm Weight: approx. 3 kg

pedalo® stilts "Child's play"

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Robust stilts for kindergarten, school and private with ergonomically rounded grab bar and 7-way adjustable stilts baking. Special anti-slip rubber caps allow running inside and out and make this quality stilts become an extremely popular training tool for balance exercises.

Schwungtuch with target circles

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The swing cloth offers a variety of uses and guaranteed fun. Details: Ø: 5 m 8 handles double stitched with the edging tape Made of robust Dacron polyester fabric Incl. packing bag

Schwungtuch starry sky

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Fascinating giant parachute in the night sky design. Made of highly durable Dacron polyester fabric. The handles are attached to the double sewn bindings. The center opening allows easy swing.

Schwungtuch in rainbow colors

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Schwungtuch with 5 m diameter in 6 rainbow colors. The elegantly tailored 12 panels, made of very durable Dacron polyester fabric, impart a swirling impression will be reinforced by a rotational movement in the game.

Schwungtuch Smiley

Piece from 75,90 €
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The funny face and bright yellow color exude good humor while playing with this parachute. Made of highly durable Dacron polyester fabric. The handles are attached to the double sewn bindings. The right parachute for children sports groups with a good price performance ratio.

TOGU Faszio ball

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The Faszion ball from TOGU ensures a healthy Faszienstimulation for anyone Raises bonds and tension and stimulates the metabolism. The ideal ball for therapy and fitness. Air ball adjustable. Made in Germany

The horizontal eight

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A concentration of the game is superficially used to promote the concentration and to form the hand movement and the finger tip feeling

Slack Spot Basic

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This spot Slack Basic is the centerpiece of the Slack system for children. With two spots and a slackline it forms the system in its simplicity and is starting point for exciting Slack course. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Slack Spot Double

(tax incl.)
Slack Spot Double the slack spot Basic in combination with another spot and a slackline. Three spots and two slacklines allow simultaneous balancing of two children and make the first Herausvorderungen to the team spirit. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Slack Spot Square

(tax incl.)
When Slack Spot Square, consisting of four spots and 4 slacklines, an obstacle course in a circular shape is formed of a square. In this obstacle course balance and speed can prove up to four children. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Balancing board wire

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A Balancierscheibe to stand on it and run with the aim of 1-3 balls through the Wndungen, of course without shortening. The start and finish is on the carrying handle, which is also the ball holder. This Balancierspiel serves to promote skill.

ball bags

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Lockable ball bag with white balls with a diameter of 3 cm of varnished beech wood for the balancing boards labyrinth, satellite and wire.

cooperation hose

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Teamwork and comfort factor are very important components of child development. Whole Story Groups can stay in this fuel hose 100% Lycra. Very durable, extremely flexible. A cozy place for games to tell or to relax or exciting stories to read.

Pedalo® stabilizer "professional"

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The pedalo® stabilizer & lt; & lt; pro & gt; & gt; is the demanding increase the execution & lt; & lt; Sports & gt; & gt ;. The legs work here independently. One side muscle and coordinative weaknesses are thus better identified the practitioner / therapist. The foot stand platforms offer more mobility in all directions and require more stability, especially in the foot and lower leg muscles.

pedalo® Vestimed® 50

(tax incl.)
The pedalo®-Vestimed® has a spring system, which can perform all exercises in the unstable state. proved just as in the prevention and rehabilitation as the fitness, health and sports performance. The universal full-body exercise machine shows its full effect from head to toe and binds brain, nervous system, arms, legs, back, torso and abdomen in the movements with one.

pedalo® textile band Power

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A completely new resistance band, unique with a 100% elongation, for daily training in combination with pedalo® coordination equipment, carabiner clip. The 9 engaging tabs for hands and feet are for individual use in an optimum length and resistance.


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The pedalo®-soft pads, made of special foam, can be used alone or as a support in combination with pedalo® coordination products to enhance the training effect and protect the joints are used. Also suitable for pedalo® footboards.

pedalo® Trim Top 50 Vario

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The trim-Top is a high quality and versatile rocker and gyro board at the same time for a comprehensive fitness training in sitting, standing and Arm Support. The exhibition space offers a two-footed positioning in the safe hüftbreiten status and allows seniors easier upgrades. This Wippbrett is suitable for the prevention of falls well

Mats, gymnastics equipment, accessories: Stay fit with Benz Sport! 

Gymnastics sounds conservative. But wobble boards, ball mazes and Pedalo are a lot of fun, especially for young people. Benz Sport equips schools, public institutions and clubs with gymnastics equipment. Up to soft floor kits and ball pool the assortment covers nearly the whole range of possibilities! 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

What gymnastics equipment does Benz Sport offer? 

In the gymnastics equipment segment, we have not only summarized proverbial equipment such as therapy spinning tops, balance boards and trampolines for you. We also list larger components such as the Slackspot Square, ball pool, mirror walls and walking bars firmly anchored in the floor. We define gymnastics equipment broadly as all equipment that is used for comprehensive physical exercise. 

School sports, competitive sports, therapy or rehabilitation - who is Benz Sport aimed at? 

Benz Sport carries professional equipment and gymnastics equipment for everyone. Both public institutions and institutions from the health sector, schools and clubs order from us. However, many smaller gymnastics equipment are also interesting for private persons. Of course, we do not exclude them as customers. Benz Sport is there for everyone. 

What brands offers Benz Sport? 

Many of our items come from our own production facilities. As a fourth-generation family-run company in Germany, we still maintain our own production facilities. However, we cannot process all materials. Manufacturers such as WORLD JUMPING (trampolines), Pedalo (spring boards and stabilizers) or Blackroll (fascia rollers) supply excellent gymnastics equipment and accessories in their own range. If quality, material and workmanship match our requirements, we have included these products in our range for you. 


  • Gymnastics equipment at Benz Sport - the whole spectrum of equipment.
  • Small products with big effect
  • Order gymnastic equipment online: Large selection, fair prices, excellent service
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Gymnastics equipment at Benz Sport - the whole spectrum of equipment 

Gymnastics is the collective term for everything that used to be called physical training in any way. This includes fitness in the private sphere with fifty push-ups in the morning as well as specific sports exercises to strengthen damaged structures in the musculoskeletal system, as is the case in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, for example. Even school sports are always about gymnastics. And the various sports clubs and schools use gymnastics for warming up, stretching and targeted training of isolated skills. All of this requires equipment, from room-shaping equipment to mats and small apparatus. Benz Sport has a wide range of gymnastics supplies, serving everyone from medical facilities to schools to individuals. 

Small products with a big impact 

It doesn't always have to be big gymnastics equipment: Sometimes even small equipment makes a big impact. This is just as true for the nub ball as it is for the fascia roller. Did you know that juggling balls promote motor skills, coordination and even spatial awareness? You can also really achieve a lot with rubber bands, giant balloons or a simple rope. Take the stress out of your everyday life and just juggle for a few minutes. You will notice: It relaxes your body and mind. That's why we have been selling juggling supplies and other "toys" to schools, youth facilities and rehab centers for many years. 

Order gymnastic equipment online: Wide selection, fair prices, excellent service. 

Of course, you can also get juggling plates and the Devils Stick at your local toy store. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to order from Benz Sport. Since 1907, Benz Sport, now in its fourth generation as a family-run business, has been supplying schools and clubs, medical facilities and private individuals with everything they need for sports and gymnastics. Our gymnastics equipment meets the highest standards of quality and product safety. In addition to fair prices and a large selection, we offer our customers excellent service. You will find in our assortment not only articles from our own production, but also many well-known brands. 

Tip: Benz Sport maintains its own fleet of trucks. This means that we can bring your order and fitter to you as quickly as possible. Of course, our employees will assemble your gymnastics equipment on site. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Which gymnastics equipment makes sense?

It always makes sense to use equipment that will help you achieve your training goals. Talk to your therapist or trainer. Otherwise, we always recommend a skipping rope for general fitness and a therapy gyroscope for strengthening skeletal supporting muscles. 

Which is better: yoga, Pilates or gymnastics? 

Strictly speaking, both yoga and Pilates are gymnastics. The word comes from the Greek and simply means physical exercise. It is always better to do gymnastics that you really enjoy doing on a regular basis. 

What do I need for gymnastics? 

What gymnastics equipment you need depends on what gymnastics you are doing. For anything that takes place on the floor, a soft mat is a good idea. This is because it keeps the cold of the floor off your body during yoga, Pilates or calisthenics, and it also cushions you comfortably.