Faszio Ball
Faszio Ball

TOGU Faszio ball

The Faszion ball from TOGU ensures a healthy Faszienstimulation for anyone Raises bonds and tension and stimulates the metabolism. The ideal ball for therapy and fitness. Air ball adjustable. Made in Germany
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The ball for the healthy Faszienstimulation. The air-filled Faszienball Faszio suitable for solving of fascial adhesions and tension. In addition, the training stimulates the metabolism. Solves adhesions and tensions training stimulates metabolism Ideal for therapy and fitness air in the ball adjustable Made in Germany The special Ruton material is a proven material and is used, for example, at the Redondo balls. It is extremely durable and is used as a mixture for the Faszio ball. With the right combination of strength and flexibility exercises to overload the Faszio ball the right pressure on the Faszienstruktur off without them. With the spherical shape, the Faszienball for the selective treatment of the fascia allows inserting. For certain body regions such as the buttocks, neck or shoulder, the ball is perfect.
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