Soccer Goal Accessories

Spot rebound wall

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The spot-rebound wall with the dimensions 2.13 x 2.13 m can be used as training equipment for various ball games, such as Football, handball or tennis can be used. If the ball is thrown on the net or shot, it bounces back to different degrees depending on the speed and angle.

Safety-tip safety for training goals 7.32 x 2.44 m

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m for retrofitting for football goals 7.32 x 2.44. For bolting to the Gate-floor frame freestanding training goals and filling with quartz sand to the prescribed tilt-use. On large transport rollers are the gates, including weight, tilted, yet easy to transport.

Floor tiles

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The floor plates are used to easily secure handball goals (indoor) and indoor sports equipment. For installation or retrofitting of the plates, the type of floor and the floor structure must be specified when ordering.Details: Available in two sizes 4 pieces are required for a standard handball goal (BENZ Blackline 6 pieces) Chrome-plated surface Screws must be adapted to the subfloor by the customer Safety screws are not included in the scope of deliveryWhen ordering, please specify the type and structure of the floor.

Tensioning rope fittings

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Consisting of two polyethylene ropes, about 6 mm thick, 9.50 m long. With two loops for horizontal bracing and 4 polyethylene ropes, 4 m long, for the lateral bracing.

Power chuck

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Net tensioning device (bottom frame) m for Tor 5 x2. Frame is folded up when mowing the lawn incl. Net.


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Of aluminum, length 22 cm, thickness 1.5 mm, weight g 18th For fixing of the nets on the ground. Set 10 pcs.


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Sliding block with screw hooks M 6 for profiled groove 14 mm x 14th 10 pieces in a bag.

Anti-tipping ground anchor

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As a retrofit kit for portable soccer goals, spec. special two screws or spiral, very stable ground anchors. Complete with fasteners for retrofitting. Profile cross section please specify when ordering.

Dolly soccer goals

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For youth football goals 5 x 2 m, for transport into the hall. Doors are hooked into the car sideways. Total height only 214 cm.

Chain weights

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For football goal nets with door width 7.32 m and lower goal depth 150 cm. The chain 800 g / m is in a plastic tube, which is woven by the lower meshes of the net.

Felt strip set, self-adhesive

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Felt strip set, consisting of 4 black felt strips, self-adhesive, 35 x 120 x 1.5 mm. With the felt strips, e.g. street soccer goals can also be made usable for indoor use and damage to indoor floors is avoided.

Ground nail for ground fixing of BENZ soccer and handball goals

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Ground anchoring nail for BENZ youth soccer and handball goals on grass fields. 4 pieces are needed per goal. The nails are driven into the ground through the fastening lugs on the net hoops of the BENZ goals. Length of the nails 35 cm. According to DIN EN 748, free-standing goals must be secured against tipping over!