Soccer Training Goals

SPOT rebound wall

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The spot-rebound wall with the dimensions 2.13 x 2.13 m can be used as training equipment for various ball games, such as Football, handball or tennis can be used. If the ball is thrown on the net or shot, it bounces back to different degrees depending on the speed and angle. It can thus train Ball assumptions passing game, volley and many other techniques optimal. A plug-in mechanism makes the structure easily and within 2 minutes is the spot rebound wall ready for use on the field. The durable rods are connected to each other with elastic bands and are easy to press together. With ground anchors the training device is firmly anchored in the ground, so that even strong shots are possible. Disassembled for easy transport and easy to store by the compact dimensions, the wall with the included carrying case. Packet size 119 x 24 x 13.5 cm Weight: 8.8 kg

Football goal with net

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240 x 160 x 100 cm (L x H x D), strong and stable construction, pipe diameter 3.8 cm. Net is attached with Velcro fasteners on the matable linkage. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.

Metal gate with target wall and power

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290 x 165 x 90 cm (L x H x D), tube diameter 2.45 cm. The gate with the optional target wall for fun at party events and events. Target wall is mounted with the supplied rubber bands to the poles, fixed with pegs on the lawn. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.

Goal shot practice wall

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The goal shot training wall made of blue polyethylene knitted fabric is ideal for clubs and hobby players. Through the two existing openings, with a Ø of approx. 50 cm, an attractive and goal-oriented shot training is possible. The net can be fixed quickly and easily with the help of the supplied lines (2 x 10 m).

Aluminum training goal

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Robust fully welded construction for street soccer and hockey. Goal depth 70 cm, surface natural aluminum blank. Goal frame of system profiles 80 x 80 mm. Incl. Mesh (mesh size 4.5 cm) and Security Network holder.

Mobile PUGG mini-soccer goals

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The mobile mini football goals from PUGG are the perfect solution for professional and recreational sports. Perfect for mobile football training or for the garden at home, simply set up quickly. Details: Available sizes: 122 x 76 x 75 / 183 x 107 x 107 cm. Comes as a pair Incl. 3 ground anchor system, spare parts set and transport bag Folds out into a flat oval

Safety Mini training goal

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Goal depth 70 cm, surface natural aluminum blank. Part welded, with the particularity that the connection is bar / posts of two 90 ° bends. Goalpost from system profiles Ø 60 mm, complete. with the two 90 ° bends. Stable aluminum mesh guard Ø 40 mm. Minimized risk of injury by rounded corners.

Mini goal bar for youth goals

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With the mini goal post, you can quickly and easily convert a youth football goal into a mini football goal. Details: To hang in for youth goals 5 x 2 m Can be reduced to 1.65 m goal height Incl. net

BENZ aluminium mini folding goal

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The BENZ Aluminum Mini Goal provides an ideal solution for training and games that require flexibility and ease of use. Made from high-quality aluminum known for its stability and durability, the robust, round posts with a diameter of approximately 6 cm are securely welded to withstand intensive use. Thanks to its folding function, the mini goal can be easily collapsed and stored. This feature makes it perfect for mobile use, whether on the training field, playground, or even at the beach. The lightweight construction, weighing approximately 5 kg, further enhances its ease of handling and transport. The mini goal is available in two sizes: 1.20 x 0.80 x 0.60 m or 1.50 x 0.95 x 0.75 m (WxHxD), making it suitable for various age groups and applications. The tight-knit net is securely attached with Velcro fastenings, ensuring quick and easy setup. A special advantage of this goal is the scratch protection for indoor flooring, preventing damage and allowing for use in sports halls. The professional quality of the goal makes it ideal for football and other sports with smaller balls like hockey or floorball. In summary, the BENZ Aluminum Mini Goal offers top quality and functionality that should not be missing from any training ground. It is an excellent choice for schools, clubs, and recreational activities that value flexibility, durability, and ease of use. A precisely fitting and practical nylon carrying bag with zip (593401/593402) is available separately.

Nylon Carrying Bag for the BENZ Aluminium Mini Folding Goal

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The practical nylon carrying bag with zipper is specially designed for the BENZ Aluminium Mini Folding Goal (59341/59340). It allows for easy and convenient transport of the goal while protecting it from damage. Equipped with robust stitching and a sturdy zipper, the bag offers optimal protection and durability. Perfect for transport to the training field, playground, or beach. The carrying bag ensures the mini goal is always well stored and easily transportable.