Soccer Accessories

4-way Coordination ladder

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4 way coordination ladder, 4 x rung ladders with variable adjustable rungs. Buckles at the ends ensure easy operation. 4 to 16 meters variable erectable.

Ball compressor Prebena "Vigon 240"

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The ideal compressor for mobile continuous use, and the inflating balls and sports equipment in any size. Filling rate for footballs about 5 seconds. A robust piston compressor with oil lubrication ensures a long lifetime. Excellent for permanent use in the professional sector. 2 wheels and gummierterem handle, as well as pressure vessels and push bar.

Auswechseltafel Set

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The set consists of two classic substitution boards in red and green. The turning over of the numbers on the panels allows easy handling for loading and substitution of players. The number sequence ranges from the number 1 to the number 30 red for the player who leaves the game and green for the player who comes in.

SPOT rebound wall

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The spot-rebound wall with the dimensions 2.13 x 2.13 m can be used as training equipment for various ball games, such as Football, handball or tennis can be used. If the ball is thrown on the net or shot, it bounces back to different degrees depending on the speed and angle. It can thus train Ball assumptions passing game, volley and many other techniques optimal. A plug-in mechanism makes the structure easily and within 2 minutes is the spot rebound wall ready for use on the field. The durable rods are connected to each other with elastic bands and are easy to press together. With ground anchors the training device is firmly anchored in the ground, so that even strong shots are possible. Disassembled for easy transport and easy to store by the compact dimensions, the wall with the included carrying case. Packet size 119 x 24 x 13.5 cm Weight: 8.8 kg

Dummy Set (detached)

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The versatile Defensive Wall Set is the perfect tool for every soccer practice. The set consists of 5 individual polypropylene dummies in the height of 150 to 190 cm are adjustable. The 600g lightweight, weatherproof characters have at the end of the feet steel pins that can be stuck into the lawn very easily.

Ball compressor Prebena "Vigon 120"

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The ideal compressor for continuous use, and the inflating of balls in any size. Filling rate for footballs about 15 seconds. A robust piston compressor with oil lubrication ensures a long lifetime. Suitable for continuous use in the professional sector. Rubber feet and a gummierteren handle, with the pressure vessel and push bar.

Round Rubber Base

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Disc base made of solid rubber including reducing sleeve. Inner diameter fits limit rods with Ø 25 mm, outer diameter fits limit rods with Ø 50 mm. Weight 2.7 kg, base Ø 27 cm.

Pod borer (DBGM)

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For cleaning rods border ground sockets Ø 50 mm. Steel construction, galvanized. Simple to use drill is rotated in the sleeve and pulled up with dirt and soil - that's it! The limit rods can be used again.

Kipp-border bar

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1.54 cm, Ø 50 mm or Ø 30 mm in the insertion of the bottom sleeve. With flexible joint, light, unbreakable and weather resistant. Delivery bottomless sleeve and corner.

Spray for football kick mark

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Spray can for football kick mark, Ø 4,5 cm, 0.12500 liter, marks the launch point of the free kick as well as the rule-compliant distance of the wall in default situations, extremely skin-friendly and 100% biodegradable, suitable for marking in the soccer training and at point Play

Electronic LED Auswechseltafel

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Very light, thin LED Player exchange Scoreboard included charger for the sport of football and rugby. The panel is used to display the numbers on the one- and-replaceable players and stoppage time at the end of a half. The polycarbonate housing is extremely shatter-proof and weatherproof.

Flag holder clip

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An extremely practical accessory for attaching flags to boundary poles in football. Details:For poles with Ø 50 mm Made of robust plastic

Portable players cabin for 6 people

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The transportable players' cabin impresses with its durable, heavy-duty construction and can be set up in a short time. The bench, reinforced with steel supports, is equipped with a high, comfortable backrest. Each seat can support a load of 120 kg. The bench can be easily folded and stored in a travel bag for easy transport. The shelter is wind and water resistant and has the maximum sun protection 50+ (UPF coating). Dimensions bench (W x H x D) 280 x 144 x 45 cm. Weight 14 kg. Specifications bench: 3 seconds assembly time for the bench seat Reinforced webbing under the seats Backrest for added comfort Durable steel frame Includes carry bag Specifications shelter: Sun protection 50+ UPF coating Wind and waterproof Delivery carriage forward ex works!

Mini goal bar for youth goals

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With the mini goal post, you can quickly and easily convert a youth football goal into a mini football goal. Details: To hang in for youth goals 5 x 2 m Can be reduced to 1.65 m goal height Incl. net