Soccer Training

Marking Cones With Holes Set Of 4
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A popular tool for coordination training in ball sports or didactic games at school. Details: Available in two sizes Holes on the side with Ø 2.5 cm Set contents: 1x blue cone, 1x red cone, 1x yellow cone, 1x green cone Can be used as a hurdle or obstacle in combination with gymnastics bars or hoops Quick and easy to set up hurdles
Apricot Blind Futsal Ball
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The Apricot blind futsal ball from Handi Life Sport is easy to locate thanks to its rattling sound. This makes the robust indoor ball ideal for training blind and visually impaired people. Details: Size 3 Weight 600 g 4 rattling audio devices inside. Material PVC
Derbystar Bundesliga Football Brillant APS Match Ball 2021/2022
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Official match ball of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga 2021/22Details: Size: 5 Colour: White / Orange / Blue Material: Shiny high-tech PU microfibre in outstanding quality with diamond structure on the complete material surface. Brilliant white panels ensure very good visibility, especially in LED light Optimal aerodynamic properties and sustainable roundness due to the cut of 32 panels Hand-stitched for extra flexibility and durable seams Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex for optimal round shape and lively bounce Extremely soft ball contact and precise flight behaviour Optimal, sustainable roundness and particularly hard-wearing
Cone With Holes
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For the insertion of rods Ø 2,5 cm or flat tires. For many athletic exercises: jumping, climbing, crawling, etc. sets with 4 parts, 1 each blue, red, yellow, green.
Spot Rebound Wall
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The spot-rebound wall with the dimensions 2.13 x 2.13 m can be used as training equipment for various ball games, such as Football, handball or tennis can be used. If the ball is thrown on the net or shot, it bounces back to different degrees depending on the speed and angle.
Flexi Markierungskegel Set Small
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consisting of soft PVC material and is ideal for training with children. Whether football, athletics or games, the colorful cones are versatile. Thanks to the flexible material, the traffic cones are indestructible.
Easy Hurdles Set "soft Jumper"
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This hurdles set is ideal for the coordinative training in football, handball, athletics and various other sports. The softness of the material prevents injuries during training. The items are very robust and water-repellent by the use of closed-cell lightweight foam.
Dummy Set (detached)
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The versatile Defensive Wall Set is the perfect tool for every soccer practice. The set consists of 5 individual polypropylene dummies in the height of 150 to 190 cm are adjustable. The 600g lightweight, weatherproof characters have at the end of the feet steel pins that can be stuck into the lawn very easily.
VICTOR Mini Badminton Net Premium
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High-quality, very stable and height-adjustable multi-function network for badminton, tennis or even football tennis. The self-standing network is easy to set up and is safe and sound on any surface.
Cone Champ Set
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Cone Champ (selected creator-collecting rod) and 40 selected disk (Ø 18 cm), height of 7 cm, in 5 different colors.
Training Aid Cone Champ
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Innovative training aid for back-friendly collecting, stacking and storage of up to 60 selected preparers. 2-piece, like a telescopic rod extendable, weighing about 400 g. With manual.
Marker Cones Coach Set
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Set of 20 pieces in 4 colors. With stacking and transport staff. Marker Cones having 12 wells support on the side in the amount of 5 cm, 9.5 cm and 14 cm and mm at the top, for receiving Turn bars Ø 25th Made of durable plastic, 14.5 cm high, Ø cm 30th
Marking Caps Set Of 30
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With the marking bonnet set, you can make training versatile in school, club and recreational sports. Details: Set of 30 marking hoods For poles with ø 30 cm Height of the bonnets 15 cm Marking bonnets in 3 different colours: red, yellow, white Incl. stacking and transport holder
Lines Coordination System
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Endless possibilities: diamond, star trapeze, practice fields, start-stop lines, fields of play, target fields, as bands for catching games. Can be extended. Set consists of 19 strips, each 1.5 m. cm with Maßlochung all 10th 22 retaining clips.
Football Goal With Net
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240 x 160 x 100 cm (L x H x D), strong and stable construction, pipe diameter 3.8 cm. Net is attached with Velcro fasteners on the matable linkage. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.
Metal Gate With Target Wall And Power
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290 x 165 x 90 cm (L x H x D), tube diameter 2.45 cm. The gate with the optional target wall for fun at party events and events. Target wall is mounted with the supplied rubber bands to the poles, fixed with pegs on the lawn. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.
Kipp-border Bar
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1.54 cm, Ø 50 mm or Ø 30 mm in the insertion of the bottom sleeve. With flexible joint, light, unbreakable and weather resistant. Delivery bottomless sleeve and corner.
Podium For Perforated Plug
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Universal training aid with 10-fold pad possibility of turn bars, for suspension in cones with holes. For running, jumping and coordination exercises. The set includes two podium.
Soft Training Hurdles Set
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Low density polyethylene, Ø 45 mm, yellow. are hurdles 70 cm long and have five different heights: 10-20-30-40-50 cm. Ideal training system, no risk of injury.
Mini Training Hurdle, 16 Cm
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The mini training hurdle is suitable as a robust and versatile training aid for running and jumping exercises in team sports as well as in athletics. Details: Available in two different heights Dimensions (H x W): 16 x 45 cm, 31 x 49 cm One-piece design Perfect for team sports such as soccer, basketball, handball or functional training
Coordination Ladder 4 M
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Versatile training aid made of weatherproof plastic, 57 cm wide. Sliding sprouts. For coordination, running and sprint exercises. Quick off and rolled up. Supplied with 4 x pegs for outdoor use and integrated suction cups for indoor use.