BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Package
BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Package

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Package

With the BENZ Fairtrade Futsal package, schools, clubs and recreational facilities are perfectly equipped for competitions and training. The ball package consists of 12 Fairtrade Futsal balls in different sizes and a practical ball bag for transport.

Set contents:

  • 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition size 4
  • 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training size 4
  • 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid size 3
  • 1 x BENZ ball bag for approx. 15 balls
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The BENZ Fairtrade Futsal package is an ideal basic equipment for schools and clubs that need competition and training futsal balls.
The BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition is a competition match ball and is manufactured with a hybrid technology (glued and stitched cover) and according to Fairtrade Label standards. With its official size and weight, it can be used by playing classes from the age of 13. In addition, this ball is optimised for indoor surfaces, abrasion-resistant and dimensionally stable. It convinces with its cushioned bounce and good ball characteristics.
The BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training is ideal for indoor training. Its hybrid outer shell combines the advantages of a glued and sewn manufacturing method. This futsal ball has been produced according to the standards of the Fairtrade label and has a lighter weight than a competition ball. Its cushioned bounce is perfectly suited to indoor training conditions. Due to the size 4 and its weight of 360 g, this ball is generally used from the age of 13 for the A, B, C (juniors/ladies/men) categories.
The BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid Ball is ideal as a training ball for the lower age groups (up to 12 years). It also impresses with a ball casing made of glued and sewn panels that is adapted to the indoor floor and has a cushioned bounce due to its relatively high own weight. This Fairtade Futsal ball can also be used in competitions and tournaments in the lower divisions.

How does futsal differ from classic indoor football?
Futsal is a popular variation of indoor football and is often played as a continuation of football training during the cold season. The most obvious difference between these types of football is mainly the ball. A futsal ball is usually smaller (size 4) than a regular indoor football and weighs between 410 and 440 grams. In addition, a futsal ball has cushioned bounce characteristics and is adapted to the floor conditions of an indoor arena. In a futsal game, there is no need for football boards. The goal size used in futsal is also different from the regular football goal size. A 3 x 2 metre goal is used.
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BENZ - Fairtrade This stands for 100% fair-produced sports equipment in which all Fairtrade conditions and rules are met 100%. Through physical traceability, we guarantee continuous compliance with the social, economic and ecological criteria and standards associated with the Fairtrade product seal. BENZ - FAIRTRADE-FLO-ID: 41126

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