Ball Packs

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Perfect for school or sports clubs.

Soccer Training Package
from 157,70 €
(tax incl.)
The BENZ Football Training Package is particularly suitable for team training of youth teams due to its 12 training balls. The complete set with BENZ ball bag for about 15 balls. Product details: 6 x BENZ Trainer white 6 x BENZ Trainer black 1 x ball bag
BENZ School Package
(tax incl.)
The BENZ school package is equipped with super balls for ball sports, basketball, handball, football, soccer, volleyball and the popular multi balls for all-round use. Incl. BENZ ball bag for keeping balls.
Volleyball MOLTEN Package
(tax incl.)
The volleyball package MoltenSet Gr. 5 consists of 4 x Molten Volleyball V5M4800 white / red / green, 1 x Volleyball V5M5000 Molten Flistatec / 1 know / wine red / green, 1 x BENZ Ballsack
FIFA Football Package
(tax incl.)
The FIFA package consists of 6 x soccer MERCURY PRO white / black / red, 6 x Erima football match hybrid, 1 x BENZ ball bag. All balls Gr. 5. Take advantage of the price advantage compared to single purchase.