Recreational & Fun Balls

BENZ Soft Basketball
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The BENZ soft basketball is perfect for beginners in school sports or sports for the disabled. The basketball with elephant skin has a very good bounce and is made of soft PU foam. Ø 20 cm, approx. 300 g
Benz Neoprene Ball
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The Benz neoprene ball is ideal for young and old. A swimming pool, salt water or on the beach of the ball ensures a lot of fun. Its extra soft and grippy surface of waterproof neoprene makes it very durable and resistant to light.
Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850
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Young children love the velvety surface of the Sport balls. They are the perfect balls for any child aged 1-6 and encourage early catching and throwing as well as hand-eye coordination. The set includes 6 different sports balls in 6 different colours - tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Soft surface thanks to fantastic material For exploring and encouraging motor skills and sense of touch Made from natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball
Sensory Ball Set Of 6
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The Rubbabu motoric ball "senses" set of 6, consisting of irresistibly fluffy and kneadable balls, is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting sense and fun experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface due to flocking Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball
Reaction Ball Wopper BASKET
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Ball reaction Wopper BASKET, red, Ø 24 cm, 500 g, Synthetic rubber with basketball surface, inflatable, useful for the enhancement of the reaction in various sports, jump by weight in up and down inside unevenly
Reaction Ball / Knubbelball Fun Ball Jumbo
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Reaction ball / Knubbelball Fun ball Jumbo WOPPER SOCCER, blue, Ø 21 cm, 420 g, synthetic rubber with basketball surface, inflatable, is suitable for improving reactions in various sports, jumps up and down irregularly due to the weight inside.
Crossboccia Double Pack HEROES 2 X 3 Pcs For 2 Players "Mexican & Dude"
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Crossboccia Double Pack HEROES 2 x 3 pcs for 2 players "Mexican & Dude" cloth bag Ø 8 cm with granules filled 90 grams per ball, 2 x 3 identical, 1 x target ball, in a reclosable mesh bag with drawstring, incl. Official set of rules that less filled Funpacks stay in three-dimensional space are lighter and therefore easier to play for beginners
Spring Ball Boingball Speedglider
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Boing Ball / Speed Ball, the sporty fun that trains dexterity, reaction and fitness. Consisting of a red plastic ball (19cm x 12 cm) that is threaded onto 2 tear-proof plastic ropes (length 225 cm) with handles. By quickly pulling the taut ropes apart, the plastic ball can be moved from player to player at an enormous speed. The ball can also be braked by pulling the strings apart. A game that requires full attention. Supplied in a practical net bag. Suitable for children from 3 years. Under 3 years of age, there is a risk of strangulation due to the long cords!
Mud Ball Mudball Set Of 3
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Mud Ball Mudball set of 3, transparent / brown, depending on diameter 8 cm, 800 g / Set, 1 x Ball with large beads inside, 1 x Ball with small beads inside, 1 x Ball with sand inside, one small snake inside, 1 x surface smooth, 1 x surface with small knobs, 1 x interface with large studs, suitable for different catching games
Yuck-E-Balls, Set Of 6
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Yuck-E-Balls, Spordas 6 sets, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, each Ø 9 cm, each about 300 g, each ball is filled with small PVC balls and non-toxic gel. Also ideal for sports rehabilitation and therapy
Throw Ball CATCHit
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Throw ball CATCHit, multicolored, (L x Ø) 24 x 8 cm 100 g, neoprene, playful trains throwing technique and coordination, less force is required, suitable for children
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The original TIPP-KICK ball is now in XXL - the right kicking! The large and soft ball is surrounded by a water-resistant synthetic leather cover. The 12-square foam ball has large and small football fans playing and training opportunities for indoors and outdoors.
Takraw Ball
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Takraw ball is an Asian team sport from the group of non-return games, two teams face when with three players on a split through a network pitch. The aim is to play a ball with his feet over the net on the ground in the opponent's half of the field and prevent the same effort by the opponent.
Waboba Pro Ball
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Waboba Pro Ball The 98 g easy ball. Jumps on the water surface and ensures ultimate gaming fun in the water or on the beach.
Indoor Bowling Balls
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These balls indoor Boule is possible in every season - in sports halls, foyers or pedestrian areas. The soft outer skin sports, parquet or tile floors are not damaged and a game of pétanque boules can according to international rules in every room are performed. The balls act on a smooth surface as if an iron ball in gravel or sand are played.
The Eggball
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the Eggball - is an innovative, educationally valuable sports product that g due to its special egg shape in combination with the ideal weight of 250 provides new game situations. With it can be played foot, volleyball, International and basketball, both indoors and outdoors.
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Catch and Knubbel ball 6 side knobs, thereby continuously changing directions during the impact. Uncontrollable changes in direction train the eye-hand coordination for a quick game for children and adults.
Hands-on Learning Game Ball
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The balls are made of a durable fabric cover is in the pushed a balloon and then inflated. The end of the balloons is rotated several times (not tied!) And simply inserted into the envelope. the balls have a diameter of inflated cm 35th The shells of the balls are printed with tasks on various topics.
World Ball
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Giant ball made of PVC with printed continents. Is very often used at sporting events, game variations for a group are very versatile. Also in physiotherapy in the world with a smaller diameter ball very well be employed.