Ball Accessories

Ball Accessories

Ball accessories of all kinds: ball pumps, ball bags, ball carrying nets and ball carts


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Ball bag for 15 balls, with straps and side vent networks. Made of durable black material.

ball bag

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Very popular ball bag made of sturdy mesh, red. When carrying and storing of about 12 balls. Full zip with 2 NO.

Ball compressor Prebena "Vigon 120"

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The ideal compressor for continuous use, and the inflating of balls in any size. Filling rate for footballs about 15 seconds. A robust piston compressor with oil lubrication ensures a long lifetime. Suitable for continuous use in the professional sector. Rubber feet and a gummierteren handle, with the pressure vessel and push bar.

Ball compressor Prebena "Vigon 240"

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The ideal compressor for mobile continuous use, and the inflating balls and sports equipment in any size. Filling rate for footballs about 5 seconds. A robust piston compressor with oil lubrication ensures a long lifetime. Excellent for permanent use in the professional sector. 2 wheels and gummierterem handle, as well as pressure vessels and push bar.

Electric pump Sidewinder AC

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Powerful Pump to inflate high-volume exercise balls or large balloons. Comes with 3 adapters for different valves. Suitable for inflation and aspiration. EMC tested.

Ball compressor MK 110

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Oil-free 1-cylinder compressor. Housing made of plastic with a handle. Suction 200 l / min, max. Pressure 8 bar, adjustable with knob. Power consumption 1.1 kW, 220 V / 50 Hz. The compressor is equipped with 1.2 m air hose with automotive lever connector 2 and ball valves.

Double stroke Ballpumpe

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For rapid inflation and extracting the air. With 4 different adapters. Displacement 2 cc x 2100, 1 bar pressure. In deco-box. Only for balls with large valve, not for balls with needle valve.


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Connector for use in the pump nipple ball ZX compressor 300, MK 40, MK 50, MK 100, MK 110th

needle valve

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Needle valve reinforced construction, chrome plated brass, nozzle diameter 2 mm, length: 48 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.

Electric Ballpumpe MK 50

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Suction 100 l / min. Max. Pressure 8 bar, number of revolutions / min 2800 rpm, 220 V / 50 Hz. Built manometer for pressure control. With air hose, ball and Reducing.

Ball Caddy

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Transport and storage trolley for balls, collapsible. Lightweight aluminum poles with black mesh, mobile. Space-saving storage. When folded, only 15 x 13 x 86 cm open 66 x 66 x 86 cm (L x W x H). For 20-25 balls.

pumps nipple

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Ball seal nipple, connection VG 5.25. Needle valve, for all balls with rubber bladder. Needle Ø 2 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.

Network for leisure box

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Network for leisure box, black, (L x B) 67 x 25 cm, ideal for the storage of small parts, simply attached to the inside of the cover, at FB 180: 2 next to each other networks possible

Leisure box 160

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LeisureTime 160, quartz gray-metallic, (L x B x H) 160 x 79 x 83 cm, 38.5 kg steel sheet, ideal for stowing the seat cushion, folding chairs and toys, stable smooth cover, comfortable lid opening with gas spring, rain water-proof, has via a rotary handle cylinder lock and an invisible integrated ventilation

Electric Ballpumpe Volcano

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Electric Ballpumpe Volcano, with integrated pressure gauge, max. Pressure 20.6 bar. Air flow rate about 41 l / min. 230V / 50Hz. 2 hours Thermal overload protection. Connection cable, 1.80 m long and 0.70 m air hose l, incl. Thumblock, Reducing, needle valve, ball valve nipple "

cross bar

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Polyethylene, yellow, diameter 5 mm, length cm sixteenth Robust, flexible and weather resistant. With ground socket and yellow 3 x 3 cm flag.