Footballs / Rugby Balls

Benz neoprene Football

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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.

BENZ school package

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The BENZ school package is equipped with super balls for ball sports, basketball, handball, football, soccer, volleyball and the popular multi balls for all-round use. Incl. BENZ ball bag for keeping balls.

Wilson GST Composite Football

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The Wilson GST Composite Football is specially designed for practice. The composite leather surface with butyl rubber bladder provides a good grip for practice throws and catches. The patented black ACL nath strips provide additional grip. The material is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Football SPARTAN

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Ideal for beginners and advanced. Perfect handling by the soft grip surface. Extremely durable synthetic leather. Size and weight. Ball Size 28 x 27cm. Weight 480 g.

MyGrip Football

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The MyGrip Football is the ideal methodical ball to teach children the fun of this team sport. With its special ball caracass surface made of vulcanised PU mesh and synthetic leather, it has an excellent grip. Details: Material: vulcanised PU mesh, synthetic leather. Size: 6 inch (15,24 cm) Air regulation (valve) individually adjustable