Ball Trolley

BENZ Ball trolley

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The Benz ball trolley is part of the basic equipment of every gym, so you ensure more order when storing balls. Details: Available sizes: 375 / 478 litres Dimensions (W x H x D): 81.5 x 87 x 61.5 / 107.5 x 87 x 61.5 cm Made of galvanised steel with four castors Foldable with lid Maximum load capacity up to 250 kg The ball trolley is delivered partially dismantled, in a cardboard box without partition grid and trolley tray.

Trolley insert for BENZ ball trolleys

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Store your small tools easily in the matching trolley tray for the BENZ 375 l and 478 l ball trolleys. Details: For storing small equipment and parts. Suitable for both sizes of BENZ ball trolleys Powder-coated with RAL 1016 sulphur yellow

Galvanised tool trolley with basket attachment

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Robust and load-bearing equipment trolley/ball trolley made of steel, galvanised blue, with basket attachment. This trolley with plastic castors (4 swivel castors - 2 with brakes) and elastic rubber castors is equipped with 3 shelves that allow sorted storage of balls, sports equipment and training accessories. The basket attachment allows additional storage of all kinds of balls or small sports equipment. The shelves are equipped with a 40 mm upstand that prevents balls from rolling out after opening. The hinged doors can be secured with a padlock. (Lock not included in the scope of delivery). Specifications: Steel, galvanised blueExternal dimensions (w x h x d) 150 x 155 x 62 cm Internal dimensions (w x h x d) 144 x 119 x 55 cm Rectangular tube chassis 40 x 20 mm 2 side panels, 1 rear panel, 1 cover, round tube doors Ø 22 mm 4 rubberised swivel castors with ball bearings (Ø 125 mm), 2 with brakes Load capacity 500 kgWeight 90 kg Delivery carriage forward ex manufacturer's works!

Galvanised tool trolley 150 x 140 x 62 cm

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Ball and equipment trolley made of steel, galvanised blue, with a rectangular tube frame and a round tube body Ø 22 mm, 2 lockable doors (padlock not included). The equipment trolley offers enough space for storing and transporting sports equipment such as mats, gymnastics hoops, balls and things that should not be left unlocked in the equipment room. Delivery carriage forward ex works. Product specifications: (w x h x d) 150 x 140 x 62 cmInnenabmessung (w x h x d) 144 x 119 x 55 cm Rectangular tube chassis 40 x 20 mm Structure made of round tube Ø 22 mm with wire infill 50 x 50 x 4 mm2 lockable doors (padlock not included) 4 ball bearing swivel castors made of elastic rubber Ø 125 mm (2 with brakes)Load capacity 500 kgWeight 65 kg

Open tool trolley galvanised blue

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Open equipment trolley without doors and roof, galvanised blue. Frame made of rectangular tube 40 x 20 mm, 2 side walls and 1 rear wall made of round tube Ø 22 mm, with wire infill 50 x 50 x 4 mm. 4 ball bearing swivel castors Ø 125 mm, 2 with brakes and treads of grey rubber. Load capacity 800 kg. Weight 68,6 kg. Delivery ex manufacturer, carriage forward. Specifications: Material Steel, galvanised blue Dimensions (w x h x g) 135 x 182 x 95 cm Inner dimension (w x h x g) : 129,8 x 160,5 x 92 cm. 4 ball bearing swivel castors Ø 125 mm 2 Brakes Load capacity 800 kgWeight 68,6 kg