Ballcarts With Lid
Ballcarts With Lid
Ballcarts With Lid Ballcarts With Lid Ballcarts With Lid Ballcarts With Lid Ballcarts With Lid

BENZ Ball trolley

The Benz ball trolley is part of the basic equipment of every gym, so you ensure more order when storing balls.

  • Available sizes: 375 / 478 litres
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 81.5 x 87 x 61.5 / 107.5 x 87 x 61.5 cm
  • Made of galvanised steel with four castors
  • Foldable with lid
  • Maximum load capacity up to 250 kg

The ball trolley is delivered partially dismantled, in a cardboard box without partition grid and trolley tray.
€189.90 (tax incl.) €159.58 (tax excl.)
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The super stable BENZ ball trolley brings more order to the equipment room. The fine-meshed mesh bracing prevents even smaller balls from slipping through the grid. An easy transport is provided by the four easy-running swivel castors. If not used, the ball trolley can be easily folded up and stored in the equipment room to save space. Depending on the purpose of use, a partition grid (optional) can allow flexible division of the trolley. An optional trolley tray can be hooked into the ball trolley to store smaller equipment. This is designed to fit evenly with the trolley so that the lid can be closed when the trolley is in use. You can also find the matching trolley insert and the partition grid for the BENZ ball trolley in our online shop.
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