Ball Bags


(tax incl.)
Ball bag for 15 balls, with straps and side vent networks. Made of durable black material.

ball bag

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Very popular ball bag made of sturdy mesh, red. When carrying and storing of about 12 balls. Full zip with 2 NO.

Ball bag with wheels

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This ball bag made of nylon, with a volume of 175 l, is specially designed for sports teachers. It is equipped with eleven practical compartments. The upper and lower flaps are equipped with zippers. The sides are reinforced with plastic strips and the mesh on the side allows you to see the contents at all times. The wheels do not stain and allow pulling, or pushing the bag. The empty bag can also be used as a throwing target. The capacity is 15-20 balls, depending on the ball size. Of course, the nylon bag can also be used to transport a variety of small and sports equipment, or recreational games. Product specifications: Material 100% Nylon Dimensions 45 x 45 x 90 cm Volume 175 lNumber of balls 15-20 Weight 4 kg