Ball Pump Accessories

needle valve

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Needle valve reinforced construction, chrome plated brass, nozzle diameter 2 mm, length: 48 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.


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Connector for use in the pump nipple ball ZX compressor 300, MK 40, MK 50, MK 100, MK 110th

pumps nipple

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Ball seal nipple, connection VG 5.25. Needle valve, for all balls with rubber bladder. Needle Ø 2 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.

Ball filling gun with pressure gauge and adapter set

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Ball filling gun with plug-in coupling and hose 42 cm. Connection suitable for Prebena compressor. Adapter set of 3 for balls, air bodies etc. Pressure gauge with rubber protection housing, Ø 63 mm, measuring range 0 to 12 bar in 0.1 steps. Gun (L x W x H) 210 x 70 x 100 mm. CE approved. Delivery carriage forward ex manufacturer.

Needle valve with M6 thread 10-pack

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The BENZ valve needle package with M6 thread, in a practical pack of 10, is the ideal companion for every athlete and ball artist. These needle valves are made from high quality nickel-plated steel, giving them outstanding durability and reliability. With a length of around 42mm and a needle size of around 1mm, they are ideal for a variety of balls, from footballs to volleyballs to basketballs. Needle valve with M6 thread pack of 10, needle valve with M6 thread, needle thickness: approx. 1 mm, length: approx. 42 mm, material: steel, nickel-plated, weight: approx. 2 g, variant: needle valve with M6 thread in a polybag Specifications: Material: steel Surface: Nickel plated Set / pack of 10 pieces Receptacle: M6 thread Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure