Foam Balls With Coating

BENZ Soft Basketball
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The BENZ soft basketball is perfect for beginners in school sports or sports for the disabled. The basketball with elephant skin has a very good bounce and is made of soft PU foam. Ø 20 cm, approx. 300 g
Dragonskin Neon Foam Ball Set Of 6
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The Dragonskin neon foam ball with elephant skin is very soft. Easy jumping. Ideal for the beach, the garden, the gym or the apartment! You do NOT include heavy metals, softeners or PVC. They are the only balls in the world that glow in fast ecological neon colors!
VOLLEY Fun Softball
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Lightweight foam ball in peppy pink that is suitable for many games in school sports, in leisure time or for beach volleyball. The highly visible colour is also ideal for people with impaired vision. The polyurethane coating (elephant skin) makes it very robust and durable. The PU material is easy to wash off and disinfect. The softball is ideally suited for children's hands and allows good ball control with little risk of injury. Made in Germany. Specifications: Ø 20 cm Weight 185 g Polyurethane coating Good bouncing Colour pink Made in Germany Application: Allround ball Indoor/Outdoor School sports Leisure Beach volleyball
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Ø 21 cm, 240 g, size 66 cm. Foam ball, emphasis added skin. Through the offset center of gravity, you never know when bouncing or rolling which direction the ball will take. So reaction, dexterity and eye-hand coordination are trained playfully. Color orange.
Trial Super Softballs
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The supersoft balls from Trial are ideal for first contact with various indoor sports such as handball, football and many more. Due to the extremely soft material and the low weight, children, teenagers or bambinis can be introduced to the sports without fear. Details: Inflatable Regulation of the bounce through the internal pressure. Indoor balls, not suitable for asphalt Good alternative to soft foam balls With rubber valve