BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER
BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER
BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

Due to its weight and composition, the BENZ "Football" softball is particularly suitable for beginners and for training with children aged 6 to 10, or for a friendly game in between. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can't lose sight of it because of the bright color.
  • Material inside: PU foam
  • Outer material: polyurethane
  • Weight: 290 - 320 g
  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Colour: Choice of orange or yellow
  • Easily washable and hygienic surface
  • High abrasion resistance
Areas of application:
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Indoors and outdoors
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FOOTBALL soft foam ball with extremely hard-wearing PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance, very hard-wearing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Surface washable, disinfectable, hygienic.

The perfect ball for beginners

The BENZ "Football" soft foam ball is the ideal training ball for beginners. Due to its weight and properties, it is particularly suitable for playing and training with children. Its bright colors make it easy to keep an eye on even in low light conditions. Whether in school lessons, in club sports or in your free time: the BENZ soft foam football has many possible uses and is always ready for use.

What is special about the BENZ soft foam ball "Football"?

The BENZ "Football" soft foam ball is the perfect ball for beginners: It's lighter and softer than a normal football, which means that children can play with less fear of hard hits. In addition, it is dimensionally stable and immediately returns to its original shape after pressure and stress. Also, because it's fully inflated, there's no loss in play due to air loss: it always retains its shape and bounce. The surface is smooth and therefore very easy to clean, but at the same time it is based on the surface of a normal football. There are no seams or glued areas where dirt could get caught. At the same time, the surface has good abrasion resistance and stability, so that the ball is ideal for long-term use. Bright bright colors not only make it more appealing to children, but also help to keep an eye on it in all lighting conditions, be it in a darker hall or in sunlight.

What is the BENZ "Football" soft foam ball suitable for ?

The BENZ "Football" soft foam ball is primarily a training ball for beginners and players who are afraid of hard hits. Since this ball is much softer and lighter than a normal soccer ball, the risk of injury is minimized. This helps beginners especially when practicing passes, headers and goalkeeper training. At the same time, it is very hard-wearing and dimensionally stable, even under heavy pressure it returns to its original shape. For these reasons, it can be used particularly well in school lessons and in club sports with children. It can also be used in your free time for a friendly game. Because it's lighter than a regular soccer ball, it's easier to transport and thanks to the smooth surface, it's easy to clean should it get dirty. Soccer games and training can start with this ball from the young age!
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