Smashing, digging, hitting - with our volleyballs you are ready for every match, whether indoors or on sand. We have volleyballs for school sports, training, competition and for leisure.

BENZ School Package
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The BENZ school package is equipped with super balls for ball sports, basketball, handball, football, soccer, volleyball and the popular multi balls for all-round use. Incl. BENZ ball bag for keeping balls.
Mikasa Volleyball V800W
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Mikasa Volleyball V800W, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 260-280 g, training and recreational volleyball for indoor and outdoor, 18-panel construction, TPE synthetic leather surface, simple Butylgummiblase, waterproof
Mikasa Volleyball V350W-SL
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Mikasa Volleyball V350W-SL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, volume 65 - cm 67 Weight 200 - 220 g, exercise and training volleyball for children and adolescents from 6 - 12 years
Mikasa Volleyball V320W
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Mikasa Volleyball V320W, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 260 - 280 g, high performance race ball (DVV1 Mark), increased by surface grip recesses Value Microfiber synthetic leather, 18-panel construction, Double layered Butylgummiblase
Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL
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Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 170-180 g, children ball from 4 years, 18-panel construction, laminated, very soft foam surface (EVA)
Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL
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Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, scale 65-67 cm, weight 200 - 220 g, soft round ball for children over 6 years, reduced weight, soft surface material (EVA)
Mikasa Volleyball V330W
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Mikasa Volleyball V330W, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 260-280 g, competition and training volleyball, DVV2 Mark, 18-panel construction, synthetic leather surface, simple Butylgummiblase
Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV
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Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumferential 65-67 cm, weight 260 - g 280 official ball of the World Association (FIVB), 18-panel construction, quality microfiber synthetic leather, Double-Dimple "technology, nano Balloon silica anti-welding function, Double layered Butylgummiblase
Volleyball MOLTEN Package
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The volleyball package MoltenSet Gr. 5 consists of 4 x Molten Volleyball V5M4800 white / red / green, 1 x Volleyball V5M5000 Molten Flistatec / 1 know / wine red / green, 1 x BENZ Ballsack
Soft Foam Volleyball
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Foam without skin. Ideal training ball for tennis, basketball, volleyball and many other ball games. With slow-motion effect - soft rebound ball feel promotes. Silent game in the room and outdoors. No risk of injury.
Molten Stellerball V5M9000-M
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The Molten V5M9000-M was developed specifically for positional training - pass training and is heavier than the current game balls with its 400 g. Details: Size 5 Made of non-slip and soft synthetic leather Extra heavy weight Specially designed for passing game training