Molten Stellerball V5M9000-M
Molten Stellerball V5M9000-M

Molten Stellerball V5M9000-M

The Molten V5M9000-M was developed specifically for positional training - pass training and is heavier than the current game balls with its 400 g.

  • Size 5
  • Made of non-slip and soft synthetic leather
  • Extra heavy weight
  • Specially designed for passing game training
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The Molten V5M9000-M is used for a special pass training, the positioner training, in volleyball. Due to its increased weight, the technical details in the pass are trained and the torso, arm, hand and finger muscles are more strongly addressed in the game. The training ball is often used in youth and women's sports.

Why train with setter balls?
The Stellerball is a so-called heavy weight ball which is usually used from the middle to the high performance range in volleyball training. The characteristics of a positioner ball differ essentially only in the greater weight.

The Molten V5M9000-M is used to train technical details in passing such as finger position and stability, full-body extension and correct body-to-ball ratio. In addition, the weight ball can be a welcome change and set new stimuli to the coordinative skills (especially adaptability), especially when the setter ball is used in alternation with regular or other balls. Due to the double weight, greater demands are placed on the trunk, arm, hand and finger muscles in the pass training and strengthens them additionally.

In high-performance sports, these heavy balls are also used in the attack. The aim is to further increase the maximum impact hardness as well as explosiveness. However, caution is advised here: Players with shoulder problems and previous damage should not train with this tool.
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