Goal ball bells ball, orange, Ø 15 cm

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The GoalBall is suitable for many ball games and specially developed for the visually impaired. The GoalBall is also the perfect training ball for safe goalkeeper training at all levels of play. Thanks to the PU integral foam structure, the GoalBall rolls excellently and at the same time reduces the impact when catching, fist-fighting or bouncing. The most important feature of the ball, however, are the 3 sledge bells inside. The special feature: the bells can be clearly heard through the openings during the entire rolling cycle. Weight: 220 g, Ø 15 cm.

WV® Goal Ball

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This ball, specially developed for the blind and visually impaired, is manufactured in accordance with the official of the German Goalball. Details: Ø 25 cm Made of rubber With little bell inside the ball

Blue Fire blind futsal ball

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This IBSA-certified competition ball has reduced bounce and low rebound, which makes it easier for the blind and visually impaired to play. Thanks to the 6 integrated sound devices, the ball can be easily located at any time. Details: Official competition ball for football for the blind. IBSA certified Good ball control due to reduced bouncing behaviour 6 integrated sound devices Structured PU surface Gr. 3 Circumference 60-62 cm

SensationsBell balls set of 6

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Through the small bells inside, the balls can be heard when rolling. Perfect accessory for school classrooms, sports for the blind and therapy area. Product Features: Set of 6 in different colors Diameter: 17,80 cm Made of PVC material 3 bells inside each ball

Apricot blind futsal ball

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The Apricot blind futsal ball from Handi Life Sport is easy to locate thanks to its rattling sound. This makes the robust indoor ball ideal for training blind and visually impaired people. Details: Size 3 Weight 600 g 4 rattling audio devices inside. Material PVC