Gymnastics Balls

Our wide range of gymnastics balls for school, sports clubs and private use leaves nothing to be desired - get your hands on them!

BENZ Gymnastics ball 6" Ø 16 cm

Piece from 12,90 €
(tax incl.)
With its 300 g own weight, the BENZ gymnastics ball is lighter than a competition gymnastics ball, which makes it a perfect training ball for rhythmic sports gymnastics. Details: 6" Ø 16 cm Made from latex-free ruton Good bounce, ball is super elastic and anti-static Can be loaded up to 200 kg Available in 12 colours Perfect for training Made in Germany

Colibri Supersoft exercise ball

Piece from 31,90 €
(tax incl.)
The super soft texture of the foamed material avoids painful ball contacts. For children, therapy, rehabilitation and seniors sport. Durable, durable and always nachregulierbar through the needle valve.

WV-exercise ball

Piece from 17,90 €
(tax incl.)
Der WV-Gymnastikball aus hochwertigem und robusten Gummi überzeugt durch seine guten Sprungeigenschaften beim Schul- und Vereinssport. Details: 2 Größen verfügbar ø cm und ø 19 cm Aus strapazierfähigem Gummi Luftdruckregulierung durch ein Gummilippenventil

WV bell gymnastics ball

Piece from 28,19 €
(tax incl.)
The WV bell exercise ball is a sturdy all-rounder as a therapy or exercise ball for the blind and visually impaired. Details: Bell inside the ball. 2 sizes available ø 16 cm and ø 19 cm Made of durable rubber

Slow motion ball

Piece from 35,90 €
(tax incl.)
Due to its slow flight, the ball is an ideal motor activity ball for children and people with motor impairments. For this reason, the ball is particularly suitable for the therapy area. Details: Slow flight speed Field of application: therapy and methodical ball for ball sports Available in 3 sizes Material: nylon rubber mixture

TOGU Earth Ball

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The TOGU Earth Ball with continental print offers many play possibilities in class, for didactic games or for leisure time. Details Available with ø 100 and 200 cm. Made of robust ruton Ideal for kindergartens, primary schools and therapeutic facilities Maximum loadable up to 80 kg