BENZ Gymnastics Ball 6" Ø 16 Cm
BENZ Gymnastics Ball 6" Ø 16 Cm

BENZ Gymnastics ball 6" Ø 16 cm

With its 300 g own weight, the BENZ gymnastics ball is lighter than a competition gymnastics ball, which makes it a perfect training ball for rhythmic sports gymnastics.

  • 6" Ø 16 cm
  • Made from latex-free ruton
  • Good bounce, ball is super elastic and anti-static
  • Can be loaded up to 200 kg
  • Available in 12 colours
  • Perfect for training
  • Made in Germany
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The high-gloss BENZ gymnastics ball is ideal for training in rhythmic gymnastics and school sports. The ball has a good grip, does not stick to the skin and is anti-static. Available in many different colours, the BENZ gymnastics ball is made of latex-free ruton, is super elastic and can be loaded up to 200 kg.

Gymnastics ball in rhythmic gymnastics
. In rhythmic gymnastics 5 hand apparatuses are used: gymnastics ball, gymnastics band, gymnastics club, gymnastics hoop and gymnastics ball. To be eligible for competition, the ball must be made of rubber or other synthetic material. It may have a diameter of 18 to 20 cm and must weigh at least 400 grams. The challenge in exercises with a gymnastics ball is that the ball can slip out of the hand at any time during throws, bounces, free rolls and swings. The ball is the only hand apparatus where no grip is allowed. Here, the sensitive relationship between the body and the apparatus is the focus of the exercises, which should radiate perfect harmony.
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