Gymnastics / Medicine Balls

Our selection of gymnastics and medicine balls

Medicine ball (leather)

Piece from 36,90 €
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Made of carefully hand-stitched cowhide with excellent filling and quality. Inside there is a hair filling for stability and shape. The BENZ medicine ball is an ideal training tool in therapy, school and mass sports.

Medicine ball (core cowhide)

Piece from 51,90 €
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Top product from 1A hand-stitched, stretched wet core cowhide. Inside is sicheine hair filling that gives the stability ball and shape. The original Benz medicine ball is an ideal training tool in therapy, school and mass sports.

Medicine ball (rubber)

Piece from 12,22 €
€15.28 -20%
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The medicine ball has a rubber sleeve and is filled with air. The grippy textured surface is durable, hypoallergenic and washable. Through the needle valve, it is possible to adjust the bounce of the ball. Perfect for use in school and popular sports as well as in therapy.


Piece from 19,73 €
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Stonie, the small powerhouse for fitness, physiotherapy, MTT (medical training therapy) and rehabilitation. The big advantage to small dumbbells: Due to their small size, the weight is centrally located in the hand. Unpleasant burdens in the wrist be virtually eliminated. Physiological motion guides are guaranteed.

Slam Ball

Piece from 31,90 €
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With its high weight, the Slam Ball is very similar to the medicine ball, with the difference that the Slam Ball does not bounce - it stays where it falls. This feature makes it the perfect ball for weight training in cross fitness or functional training.Details: Different weight classes: 8/10/15/20 kg Inflatable via valve Robust PVC cover Filled with sand

BENZ medicine ball (rubber) with handles

Piece from 30,80 €
€106.01 -30%
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Rubber medicine balls with handles increase the utility value and can be used both as a medicine ball and as a dumbbell. The handles make it easier to hold the balls and support flexibility and mobility during fitness training. The bouncing balls have a grippy textured surface and are equipped with needle valves. SALE!