Fair Trade



BENZ - Fairtrade

This stands for 100% fair-produced sports equipment in which all Fairtrade conditions and rules are met 100%. Through physical traceability, we guarantee continuous compliance with the social, economic and ecological criteria and standards associated with the Fairtrade product seal.


BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition
Piece from 31,40 €
(tax incl.)
BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo CompetitionAn optimally crafted hybrid handball manufactured to competition level.Details: IHF Standard Sizes available: 1 / 2 / 3 Ball circumference: ± 50 - 52 / 54 - 56 / 58 - 60 cm Weight: ± 290 - 330 / 325 - 375 / 425 - 475 g Material: PU leather Material thickness: 4 mm Suitable areas: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs
BENZ Fairtrade Beach Volleyball Champion Soft
(tax incl.)
Volleyball, Fairtrade Champion Soft Touch, Beach Competiton, DVV1, Gr5. Weight:. ± 270 gr range ± 67.0 cm, 100% PU leather with top playability. Suitable for competitions, schools and associations. The soft SOFT-TOUCH-surface provides a very pleasant touch of the ball in the game.
BENZ Soccer Ball FAIRTRADE Lite Size 5
Piece from 29,49 €
(tax incl.)
BENZ soccer ball FAIRTRADE Lite size 5, 350 g. Patented hybrid technology, 32 panels, glued and stitched, designed for permanent use in training, self-ball design, suitable for any surface. Age Group: U8- U13, D Youth.
BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition
(tax incl.)
BENZ soccerball Fairtrade Competition Gr.5, g 420, FIFA / IMS standard, glued and stitched to the original patented technology. An outstanding ball produced under fair conditions. Age Group: from U 14, A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition Hybrid
(tax incl.)
Fairtrade Futsal Competition hybrid, football Group 4, g 440, diameter 62-64 cm top hybrid competition ball made from the original hybrid technology, soft bounce, abrasion-resistant, dimensionally stable, official size and weight. Series: 13+, A, B, C, juniors and seniors
BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training Hybrid
(tax incl.)
Fairtrade Futsal Training hybrid, football, Gr.4. 360 gr., 62 cm.Top training Futsal ball manufactured with hybrid technology, soft bounce, abrasion resistant, dimensionally stable. Series: 13+ A, B, C, juniors and women / men
BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid
(tax incl.)
Fairtrade Futsal Kid, football, Gr.3. 300 gr., Diameter approx 56-58 cm. Special hybrid Futsal ball of soft PU material, ideal for children and adolescents. Half low bounce ball, play class: up to 12 years D-juniors

For us, fairness in sport begins with the manufacture of our balls.

We at BENZ-Sport would like to meet our responsibility as a manufacturer and dealer even more with the Fairtrade label. For this reason we are gradually changing our ball production. With the Fairtrade label, we support decent working conditions and fair prices for workers in the manufacturing countries. It is important to us that, through the Fairtrade label, we not only improve working conditions in production, but also help to enable people to have a better life.

What does the Fairtrade label at BENZ stand for?

The Fairetrade label identifies products whose manufacture complies with certain social, ecological and economic criteria. It stands for fairly grown and traded products in which all components of the product are 100 percent manufactured and traded under fair trade conditions. This means that all products and supply chains are physically traceable.

This is the starting shot for our new Fairtrade product world and philosophy for which we will stand up. With our first Fairtrade balls, we are starting to do our part for the workers in the producing countries.

Become part of it by choosing our Fairtrade products - together for a fairer and better world.