BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball
BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball
BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball

BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball

Fair play before the game! - This ball was produced under fair conditions in compliance with all FAIRTRADE standards. The BENZ Fairtrade indoor football can be used perfectly on indoor floors and artificial turf thanks to its cushioned jumping properties. Due to its high-quality workmanship, it is very durable and dimensionally stable. The bright color ensures good visibility on the pitch.


  • FAIRTRADE certified
  • Brushed, synthetic suede
  • Available in sizes 4 and 5

Area of application:

  • School
  • Club
  • Indoors and outdoors
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The perfect indoor ball

The BENZ Fairtrade Indoor soccer ball has a cushioned bounce and properties that make it particularly suitable as a training and match ball for school and club sports. Whether indoors or on artificial turf, the "Fairtrade Indoor" can be played on all indoor surfaces. At the same time, it is easy to keep an eye on it, because its bright neon color makes it easy to see in all lighting conditions and on different surfaces.

Durable and durable

The outer material of the BENZ Fairtrade Indoor soccer ball is soft, roughened and synthetic suede leather, which gives it its cushioned bounce. This makes it particularly suitable for indoor floors and artificial turf. At the same time, the workmanship is high-quality and gives the ball good dimensional stability, durability and durability. The bright color ensures excellent visibility on the pitch.

Fair and versatile

Whether in school sport or in a club, in games and training sessions with children, teenagers or adults, with the BENZ Fairtrade Indoor football, fair play begins even before the game. It is Fairtrade-certified, which means that all Fairtrade standards and conditions, such as fairer remuneration for the producers, are observed in the production of these balls.
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BENZ - Fairtrade This stands for 100% fair-produced sports equipment in which all Fairtrade conditions and rules are met 100%. Through physical traceability, we guarantee continuous compliance with the social, economic and ecological criteria and standards associated with the Fairtrade product seal. BENZ - FAIRTRADE-FLO-ID: 41126

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