Hand Balls

From training balls to official handballs, here you will find a wide range of high-quality handballs

BENZ Fairtrade Handball Package

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The BENZ Fairtrade handball package, with 15 competition balls in three sizes, offers clubs and schools good basic equipment for different age groups. The BENZ Fairtrade Bravo Competition has a very good grip and excellent playing characteristics. This handball was produced according to IHF standards and bears the Fairtrade logo. The ball cover has a thickness of 4 mm and was manufactured using hybrid technology (sewn and glued). By buying these handballs, you support the fair and sustainable production of handballs. Set composition: 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Bravo Competition size 3 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Bravo Competition size 2 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Bravo Competition size 1 1 x BENZ Ball bag for approx. 15 balls

BENZ Handball Training Package

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The BENZ handball training package is specially designed for handball training and competition. It contains 8 competition balls and 4 balls for training. Set contents: 4x BENZ Champ size 3 4x BENZ Fairtrade Bravo Competition size 3 4x BENZ Magic III size 3 1x BENZ ball bag (for approx. 15 balls)

Handball Benz Magic 3

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The BENZ Handball Magic III made of the highest quality PU composite synthetic leather. The optimized GRIP surface structure gives the ball much more texture and excellent grip in any game situation. These are the prerequisites for perfect ball control and game results. Details: Available sizes 0 / 1 / 2 /3 Ball circumference: 47 / 52 / 56 / 60 cm Weight 210 / 325 / 330 / 350 g Material 100% composite synthetic leather According to IHF standard Application: Competitions Schools Clubs Indoor and outdoor

BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition

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BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition An optimally crafted hybrid handball manufactured to competition level. Details: IHF Standard Sizes available: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 Ball circumference: ± 46-48 / 50 - 52 / 54 - 56 / 58 - 60 cm Weight: ± 290 - 330 / 325 - 375 / 425 - 475 g Material: PU leather Material thickness: 4 mm Suitable areas: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs

Handball H3X5001 BW, Molten Gr. 3

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Handball H3X5001 BW, Molten Gr. 3, blue / white / gold, Top competition ball, Official ball of the IHF, very soft synthetic leather, soft substructure, extremely good damping and bouncing characteristics, hand-sewn, good tack, IHF seal of approval

Trial Beach Handball IHF approved

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The Trial beach handball is made of special plastic and is especially suitable for playing in the sand. Water can not harm him and he always offers an excellent grip. The ball hardness can be individually regulated via a valve. The Trial beach handball is available in three sizes and is IHF certified. Version Ø Weight men 17.5 cm 360 g woman 16.5 cm 290 g Youth 15.5 cm 250 g

Colibri Super softball, handball

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The super soft texture of the foamed material avoids painful ball contacts. For children, therapy, rehabilitation and seniors sport. Durable, durable and always nachregulierbar through the needle valve.

Kempa handball Gecko

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The Kempa Gecko is an excellent, durable game and training ball. Soft and grippy upper material with special Kempa embossing for more grip and very good ball control. Very good rebound and pleasant ball feel thanks to additional foam layer. Dimensionally stable latex bladder with low air loss. Suitable for playing with resin.

KEMPA coated foam ball HANDBALL

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The KEMPA Soft Handball is an excellent handball for the E-Juniors and children up to 8 years of age thanks to its soft and resistant foam. Product features: Material: foam with PU coating Perfect beginner handball Low risk of injury Diameter: 15 cm Field of application: Children's and youth handball training School and leisure sports

SELECT Ultimate handball, competition ball

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SELECT Ultimate Handball, top class competition ball made of durable PU material. Specifications: Top class match ballSizes 2 and 3 Durable, hand-sewn PU materialThe zero-wing bubble ensures an optimal, round shape Controlled bouncing behaviour Shark-Skin lamination provides a good gripEHF approved

SELECT Ultimate Replica V22

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SELECT Ultimate Replica V22 handball made of durable PU material. Very good training ball that offers a very good grip with or without resin. Specifications: Good training ball with the same look as the Ultimate competition ballSizes 0, 1, 2, 3 Durable, hand-sewn PU materialNatural latex zero wing bladder Soft ball contact due to 3 mm lamination With or without resin very good gripEHF approved

SELECT GOALCHA Street Handball

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The SELECT handball GOALCHA STREET is not held in shape by air pressure as with other handballs, but has a very soft filling of synthetic wool and is specially designed for the Streethandball game of children and youth. The wool filling makes it very easy to compress, throw and catch. The ball has no bounce and should not be bounced. This encourages children and young people to play together and the ball must be played after a certain sequence of steps. The soft ball allows for fear-free play. Specifications: Material HPU 1000 Hand stitchedFilling with synthetic woolAvailable in two sizes Ø 42 cm and Ø 47 cm Weight Ø 42 cm 140 g, Ø 47 cm 200 g Range of application: Street handball Kids and youth training ball In - and Outdoor

TRIAL coated foam ball

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The supersoft balls from Trial are ideal for first contact with various indoor sports such as handball, football and many more. Due to the extremely soft material and the low weight, children, teenagers or bambinis can be introduced to the sports without fear. Details: Inflatable Regulation of the bounce through the internal pressure. Indoor balls, not suitable for asphalt Good alternative to soft foam balls With rubber valve

Handball, Ultimate SELECT

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The official World Cup Handball by 2011. Handball class of soft and extremely durable synthetic leather. The Ultimate is a light and lively ball but his ZeroWing- bladder ensures that it is always in balance and remains controllable for the player. The ball falls perfectly to hand - with or without resin. IHF-approved. ""

Molten training-handball HF3400-YN

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Specifications: High-quality training ball Ideal for resin-free handball play (Resin-Free) Excellent playing characteristics with good grip Upper material made of textured PU Durable, machine-sewn panels Reduced size and weight according to IHF standards for resin-free handballs Resin-Free Logo Available in 4 sizes Area of Application: Indoor Training ball School sports Club sports

Handball Future

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For training and competition. Made of soft synthetic leather with an additional soft substructure for soft ball contact. Good bounce and flight characteristics and a very grippy surface features of the ball

MOLTEN handball, H2X3400-NR

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A top-quality training ball made of machine-sewn, soft synthetic leather that exhibits excellent playing characteristics and is very grippy even without resin. Specifications: Size 2 Soft synthetic leather Textured surface for excellent playing characteristics Very grippy, even without resin Highly durable due to machine-sewn panels Usage: Training School sports Club sports Indoor

Handball, premium

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Top competition ball made of 100% PU material with a special surface lamination for a fantastic grip. Very soft, comfortable ball contact thanks to an additional foam lamination. Manufactured according to the specifications of the IHF.


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SELECT HB-ULTIMATE REPLICA EHF EURO MEN V24 Official Replica Handball of the Men's European Championship 2024. EHF-approved. Specifications: Training ball Sizes 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 HPU 1000 with SELECT logo embossed print Hand-stitched Soft ball touch with 3 mm lamination Good grip with or without resin Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex EHF-Approved Application: School sports Club sports

Molten C7s crumple ball

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Discover the Molten Handball C7s Perfect for children up to 8 years old, according to the IHF "Handball At School" guidelines. This handball is ideal for learning basic techniques and igniting enthusiasm for handball. The surface of the ball is designed to be easily depressible, providing excellent grip for children's hands. Unlike conventional handballs, this ball features a special padded filling that prevents rebound during play. Robust and durable, this handball is perfectly suited to facilitate the introduction to handball for children and beginners. Specifications: Methodology handball for children Soft surface material Easy to depress One-handed catchable Ø 150 mm - Circumference 47 cm IHF "Handball At School" logo Areas of use: School sports Club sports