Handball Benz Champ
Handball Benz Champ

Handball Benz Champ

Handball Benz Champ made by IHF and DHB, synthetic leather, Special surface structure for a better grip.
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The Handball Champ produced by IHF and DHB made of soft synthetic leather, offers excellent handling thanks to its non-slip surface. He provides a controlled ball game. The special substructure for a soft ball contact and makes the champ to the perfect ball for professional, advanced and beginners. - Handball Benz Champ, Gr. 3, scale 58-60 cm, for over 16 years. - Handball Benz Champ, Gr. 2, scope 54-56 cm, for male teenagers of 12-16 years, female adolescents over 14 years old. - Handball Benz Champ, Gr. 1, scope 50-52 cm for male adolescents from 8-12 years, female adolescents of 8-14 years. - Handball Benz Champ Mini, Gr. 0, range 46-47 cm, for children up to 7 years.
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