MyGrip Football
MyGrip Football
MyGrip Football MyGrip Football MyGrip Football MyGrip Football MyGrip Football

MyGrip Football

With its special mixed surface made of sewn and vulcanized PU mesh fabric and a particularly soft artificial leather, this innovative MyGrip football, in combination with its air filling, offers an exceptionally good grip. The air pressure can be individually adjusted via a needle valve. It is particularly suitable for children who have little practice in handling footballs. The child-friendly size and low weight ensure that the MyGrip football can be thrown and caught without fear.


  • Sewn, vulcanized PU mesh fabric, artificial leather
  • Size: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
  • Air pressure individually adjustable via valve

Area of application:

  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary School
  • Rehab/Therapy
  • Leisure time
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Footballs have never been easier to catch and hold than with our latest innovation. With the MyGrip football, throwing techniques and play sequences can be learned easily. The new processing method of the ball carcass made of vulcanised PU mesh fabric and synthetic leather offers an excellent grip. The soft material makes the MyGrip football the perfect ball for children, as it prevents injuries.
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