Waboba Pro Ball
Waboba Pro Ball
Waboba Pro Ball Waboba Pro Ball Waboba Pro Ball

Waboba Pro Ball

The term WABOBA is derived from "water bouncing ball". The WABOBA Pro Ball is designed for top athletic performance and is therefore larger, heavier and faster than the WABOBA Extreme Ball.

Product features:
  • Diameter: 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 98 g
  • High bounce on the water
  • Patented three-layer design
  • Gel core for the perfect bounce
  • Assorted colours
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The WABOBA Pro Ball is made for athletic matches in the water, sea or lakes. With its patented 3-layer design and gel core, the WABOBA Pro Ball can be thrown over the water with perfect bounce. Unlike the WABOBA Extreme ball, the WABOBA Pro is heavier and larger, but has the same grip and is easily caught and thrown.

How do I play WABOBA?
WABOBA is played in teams of at least 2 people. The players stand 10 to 15 metres apart. The ball is thrown so that it hits the water 1 to 2 times before it is caught by the own team member. The ball must be thrown again within 5 seconds of being caught. If a throw is successful without an opposing player deflecting or throwing the ball, the team gets one point. The team with 3 points wins the game.
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