Bath Tube
Bath Tube
Bath Tube Bath Tube

Bath tube

With the bath hose, outdoor pool water fun is guaranteed! The extremely robust butyl rubber rings in various sizes are particularly durable.

  • Available in four sizes
  • Made of durable and sturdy butyl rubber
  • Internal and recessed valves
  • Suitable from 2-20 children depending on size
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The large and extremely robust rubber swimming tubes are perfect for fun in the outdoor pool. Depending on the size of the hose, several children can play on the swimming rings at the same time. Also the robust butyl rubber withstands any romp in the water, no matter how exuberant.

  • Ø 60 cm suitable for up to 2 children
  • Ø 90 cm suitable for up to 5 children
  • Ø 130 cm suitable for up to 10 children
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