Throw Ball CATCHit
Throw Ball CATCHit

CATCHIT Throwing Ball

The CATCHIT throwing ball trains throwing technique and coordination in a playful way.

Product features:
  • Dimensions (L x Ø): 24 x 8 cm
  • Made of neoprene material
  • No risk of injury for thrower and catcher
  • Can also be used in water
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With its aerodynamic shape, the CATCHIT throwing ball flies extremely far. The flexible tails stabilise its trajectory. Made of soft neoprene material, the ball minimises the risk of injury for both thrower and catcher. The CATCHIT throwing ball can also be used in the water and on the beach. Due to its handy size, the football can be stowed in any bag and is the ideal leisure companion. Due to its low weight, the throwing ball is perfect for children from 6 years and a real fun cannon in the school playground, at the outdoor pool or on a trip to the lake.
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