Dummy Set (detached)
Dummy Set (detached)
Dummy Set (detached) Dummy Set (detached)

Dummy Set (detached)

The versatile Defensive Wall Set is the perfect tool for every soccer practice. The set consists of 5 individual polypropylene dummies in the height of 150 to 190 cm are adjustable. The 600g lightweight, weatherproof characters have at the end of the feet steel pins that can be stuck into the lawn very easily.
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The kick dummy set is the perfect tool for every soccer practice in the team and is great for free kicks and Dribbeltraining.Das kick dummy set consists of five individual Dummies and is made of polypropylene. Extremely robust and stable they are ready for use in all weathers. The g with 600 light characters have at the end of the stand a steel pin and can easily be plugged into the turf. In addition, the figures for different shot training in the amount of 150 -190 can adjust cm. A set - so flexibelDas kick dummy set is very suitable for the training of shooting techniques, such as kick or dribble. Make Just take all dummies next to each other and you have the perfect free kick wall and can more game situations to train and perfect passes. Also for goalkeeper training or as slalom poles dummies can be used
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