Outdoor Soccer Balls

Benz Hybrid Match 450
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Benz Hybrid's 450, FIFA standard, Gr.5, weighing about 410-450 g, match ball made with 32 panels, 100% polyurethane and hybrid technology. Manufactured by FIFA standard, Division A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
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Training ball BENZ MERKUR PRO. IMS standard. The hybrid ball is glued and sewn. It is designed for permanent use in training. Suitable for every surface and every weather situation. Weight 450 g.
BENZ Merkur Super Hybrid
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The BENZ Merkur Lite 350 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Size 5 Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched ball Made from 100% polyurethane Weight: 350 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in two colours
Soccer Striker Gr.4
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Good training ball for all ground conditions and weather resistant. 32-piece, hand-sewn, multi-layer material structure, outer layer of PVC. Reliable playing characteristics and high dimensional stability.
BENZ Football, Diamond
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Top competition ball made of 100% PU material with a micro-fiber underside. The multiple lamination provides a soft ball contact. Very good playing behavior and high dimensional stability. The special surface lamination helps ensure good abrasion resistance and minimal water absorption in wet conditions. All-weather ball, suitable for all places.Only available in limited numbers!
Soccer, BENZ Two
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Good training ball with a new type of panel construction, glossy pearl design and multiple lamination. Additional foam intermediate layer provides a soft, pleasant ball contact. Suitable for all places.
Soccer, Winner
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32-piece, high-quality match ball of the latest generation. Seamless surface thanks thermally welded panels 100% PU material. Best flight and playability and soft ball contact by multi-layer special substructure. Extremely low water absorption and minimal loss of air pressure. Manufactured to international match ball standard.
Derbystar Bundesliga Football Brillant APS Match Ball 2021/2022
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Official match ball of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga 2021/22Details: Size: 5 Colour: White / Orange / Blue Material: Shiny high-tech PU microfibre in outstanding quality with diamond structure on the complete material surface. Brilliant white panels ensure very good visibility, especially in LED light Optimal aerodynamic properties and sustainable roundness due to the cut of 32 panels Hand-stitched for extra flexibility and durable seams Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex for optimal round shape and lively bounce Extremely soft ball contact and precise flight behaviour Optimal, sustainable roundness and particularly hard-wearing
Reflex Ball
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This Goalkeeper Training Ball is played like a normal football, featuring the player but most unpredictable situations. This capability will significantly improve with the ball and the reflex-training support. The Eye Beinkordination is improved. Robust, green-black TPU material. Dimensions 21.5 x 21.5 x 19 cm, g Weight 290th
Mercury Football Lite 290
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The BENZ Merkur Lite 290 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched PU-ball Weight: 290 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in sizes 4 and 3
ERIMA Hybrid Training
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Innovative training ball made of 100% polyurethane, which combines the advantages of the glued and hand-stitched technologies. Size 5, weight 380 g.
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The original TIPP-KICK ball is now in XXL - the right kicking! The large and soft ball is surrounded by a water-resistant synthetic leather cover. The 12-square foam ball has large and small football fans playing and training opportunities for indoors and outdoors.