Outdoor Soccer Balls

Benz hybrid Match 450 Soccerball

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The BENZ Hybrid Match 450 is a match ball made of 32 polyurethane panels. Robust football for all weather conditions and for every surface. Specifications: 32 panel interface quality ball size 5 Weight about 410-450g Division A, B, C juniors, men and women hybrid structure Area of application: Club School Competition

BENZ Merkur Super Hybrid

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The BENZ Merkur Lite 350 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Size 5 Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched ball Made from 100% polyurethane Weight: 350 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in two colours

BENZ Fairtrade Soccerball Thermo Competition

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With the BENZ Fairtrade Thermo Competition you get a match ball that is manufactured according to FIFA and IMS standards. Thanks to its precise game characteristics, it creates the best conditions for an exciting football match. Details: Fairly produced Suitable for U 14, A- / B- / C- juniors, men and women Dimensionally stable and abrasion-resistant match ball Manufactured according to FIFA and IMS standards Size 5

BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition

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BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition The original - Competition with patented hybrid technology Developed for permanent use and all surfaces An outstanding ball manufactured under fair conditions. Details: Fairtrade certified size 5 Glued and sewn, Weight ± 410g Ball circumference ± 68 cm Age group from U 14 A- / B- / C- juniors, men and women match ball according to FIFA/ IMS standard Areas of application: Suitable for training, schools and clubs. Playable on all surfaces.

Molten UEFA League Matchball 2021/2022

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Top match ball, official match ball of the UEFA Europa League 2021/22 season. ACENTEC technology (Accuracy Enhancing Technology) ensures a seamless surface, perfect playing characteristics and the greatest possible durability through bonded panel construction. The water absorption capacity of the football has been reduced so that high performance can be guaranteed, regardless of the weather conditions. Improved flight characteristics due to innovative dimple surface (golf ball structure). Particularly abrasion-resistant and soft ball contact. FIFA QUALITY PRO. Specifications: Official Match Ball of the UEFA Europa League Season 2021/22Size 5 Weight 410 - 450 g PU leather 32 Panels Construction Range of application: OutdoorMatchball

BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

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The BENZ coated foam ball SOCER is particularly impressive as a learning ball in tight spaces and when dealing with the ball. Due to its low bounce, low weight and soft foam, it is the perfect ball for first contact with the ball. It is ideally suited for kindergarten children as well elementary school children. The durable elephant skin offers a great grip. : The different neon colors ensure a colorful mix. The balls are washable and disinfectable. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 300 g Diameter: 20 cm Color: yellow/black Easily washable and hygienic surface Soft surface Areas of application: Nursery school Free time

reflex ball

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This Goalkeeper Training Ball is played like a normal football, featuring the player but most unpredictable situations. This capability will significantly improve with the ball and the reflex-training support. The Eye Beinkordination is improved. Robust, green-black TPU material. Dimensions 21.5 x 21.5 x 19 cm, g Weight 290th


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The original TIPP-KICK ball is now in XXL - the right kicking! The large and soft ball is surrounded by a water-resistant synthetic leather cover. The 12-square foam ball has large and small football fans playing and training opportunities for indoors and outdoors.

Gala Football Tennis Ball

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The Gala football tennis ball meets all FIFTA technical standards and also trains coordination, endurance and speed. Product features: Material: synthetic leather Made according to FIFTA standards Available in size 5 Circumference: 68-71 cm Weight: 396-436 g

BENZ Football Training Package

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The Benz football training kit is specially designed for football training in schools and clubs. It contains a total of 12 BENZ training footballs and a ball bag for approx. 15 balls. Contents: 6x BENZ Hybrid MATCH 450 football, size 5 6x BENZ Merkur Pro football, size 5 1x BENZ ball sack for approx. 15 balls

BENZ soccer MERKUR Package

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Due to the different sizes and weights of the balls in the BENZ soccer ball package, groups of different age groups can be trained. The BENZ Merkur football series, in bright colours, impresses with its extreme durability and hybrid technology ball cover. The 32 panels of the cover are glued and sewn together. This allows the ball to be played optimally on all surfaces, in all weather conditions and in all light conditions due to the colouring. Size 5 is used in the A- / B- / C-juniors as well as in women's and men's teams. Size 4 is perfect for the D / E juniors.Set composition:2 x BENZ Merkur Lite 350, red, size 52 x BENZ Merkur Lite 350, blue, size 52 x BENZ Merkur 410, red, size 53 x BENZ Merkur Lite 290, red, size 43 x BENZ Merkur Lite 290, blue, size 41 x BENZ ball sackRange of application:Club SportsSchool Sports

BENZ soccer ball FAIRTRADE Lite size 5

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A TOP training ball with patented hybrid technology suitable for all surfaces. During production, special attention was paid to the robustness and quality of the ball. This is the only way to create a sustainable, high-quality product! Fair Trade! Specifications: Size 5 (Lite 350) 350g Size 4 / Size 3 (Lite 290) 290g Patented hybrid technology Glued and sewn 32 panel construction Area of application: Suitable for all surfaces School Club Leisure time Lite 350, size 5, A, B, C youth Lite 290, size 4, E, D youth Lite 290, size 3, Bambini, G youth, U7


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Training ball BENZ MERKUR PRO. IMS standard. The hybrid ball is glued and sewn. It is designed for permanent use in training. Suitable for every surface and every weather situation. Weight 450 g.

Mercury football Lite 290

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The BENZ Merkur Lite 290 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched PU-ball Weight: 290 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in sizes 4 and 3