FooBaSKILL Kids Ball
FooBaSKILL Kids Ball

FooBaSKILL Kids Ball

FooBaSKILL Kids Ball, Gr. 4, white / light blue / burgundy, weight 350-370 g, PU material and natural rubber.
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The FooBaSKILL match point is a mixture of football and basketball. Through its hybrid design, it is ideally suited for this new sport. The match ball is characterized by two different surface structures, twelve football panels with a smooth surface and eight basketball panels with knobbed surface. By mixing these two surfaces playability occur during quick changes between the two sports. FooBaSKILL connects two sports in one game, football and basketball. The extraordinary here is that in the left half of the only basketball should be played and in the right just football. Always two teams play (each of four teams) to today. Once the center line is crossed, must be the sport changed and the teams have to reorient. On one side of the playing field two vaulting boxes are provided (only the top two elements), which as a
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