Indoor Soccer Balls

BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccerball

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The BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Soccer ball is perfect for indoor soccer in clubs and school sports. Details: With Fairtrade certificate Material: roughened synthetic suede leather Available in sizes 4 and 5

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition Hybrid

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Fairtrade Futsal Competition hybrid, football Group 4, g 440, diameter 62-64 cm top hybrid competition ball made from the original hybrid technology, soft bounce, abrasion-resistant, dimensionally stable, official size and weight. Series: 13+, A, B, C, juniors and seniors

BENZ Merkur Super Hybrid

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The BENZ Merkur Lite 350 is the ideal outdoor ball for training on any surface. Its hybrid panel construction makes it very robust and suitable for any weather. Details: Size 5 Hybrid 32-panel construction Glued and stitched ball Made from 100% polyurethane Weight: 350 g Specially designed for outdoor training Available in two colours

BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

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The BENZ coated foam ball SOCER is particularly impressive as a learning ball in tight spaces and when dealing with the ball. Due to its low bounce, low weight and soft foam, it is the perfect ball for first contact with the ball. It is ideally suited for kindergarten children as well elementary school children. The durable elephant skin offers a great grip. : The different neon colors ensure a colorful mix. The balls are washable and disinfectable. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 300 g Diameter: 20 cm Color: yellow/black Easily washable and hygienic surface Soft surface Areas of application: Nursery school Free time

Blue Fire blind futsal ball

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This IBSA-certified competition ball has reduced bounce and low rebound, which makes it easier for the blind and visually impaired to play. Thanks to the 6 integrated sound devices, the ball can be easily located at any time. Details: Official competition ball for football for the blind. IBSA certified Good ball control due to reduced bouncing behaviour 6 integrated sound devices Structured PU surface Gr. 3 Circumference 60-62 cm

Apricot blind futsal ball

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The Apricot blind futsal ball from Handi Life Sport is easy to locate thanks to its rattling sound. This makes the robust indoor ball ideal for training blind and visually impaired people. Details: Size 3 Weight 600 g 4 rattling audio devices inside. Material PVC

Indoor sliding football

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Play classic soccer in a different way with the sliding soccer ball. The half ball glides smoothly over all smooth indoor floors thanks to the plastic disc on its underside. Ideal for school sports and lessons. Details: Made of soft foam Half ball Ø 15 cm Indoor ball with versatile playing characteristics

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Package

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With the BENZ Fairtrade Futsal package, schools, clubs and recreational facilities are perfectly equipped for competitions and training. The ball package consists of 12 Fairtrade Futsal balls in different sizes and a practical ball bag for transport.Set contents: 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition size 4 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training size 4 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid size 3 1 x BENZ ball bag for approx. 15 balls

Indoor football Top

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Special indoor football pieces 32 with, nylon hand stitching. Cordley special to play with a slightly brushed surface, very pleasant. Absolutely dimensionally stable and hard-wearing.

Kogelan soft soccer

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An ideal starter ball for school sports. Thanks to its extra soft surface, misplaced passes or body hits remain painless. Details: Sizes: 4/5 Good bounce Can be used as a training soccer ball in the hall Very soft surface