Marking Trolley

Nassmarkierwagen roll-liners, orange

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Nassmarkierwagen roll-liners, orange lacquered steel frame, with new grooved aluminum wheels for color application, Easy to use, fast cleaning, adjustable handle, marking truck for grass courts, line width 10 cm, height-adjustable handle, including two lateral boundary plates 2 large pneumatic wheels (260 x 85 mm) , 15 liter reservoir, wider wheelbase. Size: (L x W x H) of 95 x 63 x 90 cm, weight approximately 21 kg. Free delivery from the factory.

Spray for football kick mark

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Spray can for football kick mark, Ø 4,5 cm, 0.12500 liter, marks the launch point of the free kick as well as the rule-compliant distance of the wall in default situations, extremely skin-friendly and 100% biodegradable, suitable for marking in the soccer training and at point Play

Dry - marking machine with agitator Type 601/R

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adjustable with hand lever spreading width 5 and 12 cm, ideal for wet, spongy places because of the large, pneumatic tires balloon wheels very easy to push. Quality, red powder coating. Equipped with Perlon-round brush and built-in agitator. Capacity about 35 liters. Weight about 24 kg.

Dry-line marking with agitator

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Equipped with Perlon-round brush and built-in agitator. With hand lever adjustable spreading width, 5 cm and 12 cm. Pneumatic wheels behind and 2 solid rubber guide wheels. Weather- and corrosion-resistant powder coating. Capacity of the container about 35 l. Net weight 19 kg.

Dry-line marking

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12 cm spread with hand lever adjustable guide arms adjustable in height. The best protection against rust and corrosion by high-quality powder coating. Solid rubber wheels Ø 25 cm, guide wheel around Ø 16 cm. equipped with Perlon-round brush. Capacity about 35 l. Weight about 17 kg. 1 year warranty.

Sports ground chalk

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Sports ground chalk bag of 25 kg. This natural product, it consists of pure calcium carbonate, is particularly white and is characterized by high adhesion. By the special structure of a trouble to highlight any spreaders is possible.

Turf Marking Paint

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Fu R turf sports fields, water-soluble. All wet-Marking. Free from lime and caustic solvents, ecologically sound, organically degradable, fast drying. Erstmarkierung: 1: 4 diluted with water. Usage: 5-10 g / m, 10 cm in line width.. 15 kg container.